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0B5 S Tronic Transmission


0B5 7-Speed Dual Clutch

Following the success of the six-speed S tronic on the

Audi A3 and Audi TT models, a seven-speed dual-clutch

transmission, combined with the quattro powertrain,

is now available for the first time in a longitudinal


The 0B5 S tronic transmission combines the positive

features of an automatic transmission with the sportiness

and efficiency of a manual gearbox. It provides extremely

short shift times without interruption of tractive power to

provide a special driving experience.

* 7th gear is configured as an overdrive gear. Top speed is in 6th gear.

Specifications of the 0B5 transmissionSpecifications of the 0B5 transmission

DesignationsDesignations Manufacturer: DL501-7Q

Service: 0B5

Distribution: S tronic

DDeevveellooppmmeennt t pprroodduuccttiioonn Audi AG Ingolstadt

VW plant, Kassel

TypeType Seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox;

fully synchronized, electro-hydraulically controlled

Dual clutchDual clutch Dual oil-cooled multi-plate clutches,

electro-hydraulically controlled

ControlControl Mechatronic system — integrating the hydraulic control module,

electronic control module, some sensors and actuators; sport

program and “tiptronic” shift program for manual gear shifting

Ratio spreadRatio spread Up to 8.1 : 1*

Shaft spacingShaft spacing 3.503 in (89.0 mm)

Torque capacityTorque capacity Up to 406.6 lb ft (550 Nm) at 9000 rpm

WeightWeight Approx. 313.0 lb (142 kg), including dual-mass flywheel and

oil fill

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0B5 S Tronic Transmission



plate with dual-plate with dual-

mass flywheelmass flywheel ATF ATF, filler, filler

and oil leveland oil level

checking boltchecking bolt

Connection forConnection for




to ATF coolerto ATF cooler

Vent for Vent for gear oil systemgear oil system

(gears/transfer case/(gears/transfer case/

front axle drive)front axle drive)
Vent for Vent for ATF systemATF system

(hydraulic controls/(hydraulic controls/

dual clutch)dual clutch)

Final drive/Final drive/

differendifferential tial (forward(forward

of the dual clutch)of the dual clutch)


Spur pinion with special toothSpur pinion with special tooth

geometry which allows thegeometry which allows theshaft to rotate at an angle inshaft to rotate at an angle in

two planes (beveloid gearing)two planes (beveloid gearing)



Final drive withFinal drive with

welded ring gearwelded ring gear

and special toothand special tooth

geometry togeometry to

accommodate theaccommodate the

angled side shaftangled side shaft



side shaftside shaft

Dual clutchDual clutch

(K1, K2)(K1, K2)

Oil dripOil drip








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0B5 S Tronic Transmission


Parking Lock

The 0B5 transmission requires a parking lock since both

clutches are open (disengaged) whenever the engine is

not running.

The parking lock gear is connected to the output shaft.

The pawl is actuated mechanically by the selector lever

via the selector lever cable.

Drive Position Sensor G676 is also actuated through the

selector shaft and the parking lock lever.

For this purpose, a permanent magnet exerting a

magnetic field on the sensor is located on the parking

lock actuating lever.

Utilizing the signals generated by Drive Position Sensor

G676, the Mechatronic module recognizes the position of
the selector lever (P, R, N, D, or S).




lock gearlock gear



Drive PositionDrive Position

Sensor G676Sensor G676

D i r e c t i o n o f T r a v e l





Parking lock in selector lever position PParking lock in selector lever position P

(locking pawl engaged)(locking pawl engaged)NoteNote

The parking lock gear and pawl lock all

four gears through the center differential,

but can compensate through the center

differential if a raised wheel is able to

turn freely, for example, when changing a


Therefore, as a precaution, the parking

brake must always be applied, in thesesituations.

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0B5 S Tronic Transmission


Transmission Control

The Mechatronic system acts as the central transmission

control module. It combines the electro-hydraulic control

module (actuators), the electronic control module, and

some of the sensors into a single unit.

Because of the longitudinal configuration, the rpm

sensors of both gearbox input shafts and the gear sensor
are located on a separate mounting bracket (PCB 3).

Direct Shift Gearbox Mechatronic J743

The transmission is controlled by a newly developed

Mechatronic system. It enables precision control of gear

engagement speed and force when changing gears. This

means that regardless of the driving situation, rapid gear

shifts are also smooth.

X X Mounting points in the transmission caseMounting points in the transmission case



TrTransmission ansmission InputInput

Speed Sensor 3 G641Speed Sensor 3 G641

(clutch input speed)(clutch input speed)


control modulecontrol module

Clutch Oil TemperatureClutch Oil Temperature

Sensor G509Sensor G509




Gear Position DistanceGear Position Distance

Sensor 3 G489 (forSensor 3 G489 (for

gear selector 7-5)gear selector 7-5)

Gear Position DistanceGear Position Distance

Sensor 1 G487 (forSensor 1 G487 (for

gear selector 2-R)gear selector 2-R)






Gear Position DistanceGear Position Distance

Sensor 4 G490 (forSensor 4 G490 (for

gear selector 4-6)gear selector 4-6)

Gear Position DistanceGear Position Distance

Sensor 2 G488 (forSensor 2 G488 (for
gear selector 1-3)gear selector 1-3)


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0B5 S Tronic Transmission


In the event of a malfunction, serious damage can be

prevented and mobility preserved by means of “limp

home” programs initiated by the transmission control

module. In addition, there are also protective functions,

which protect certain components against overload.

In the event of certain pre-defined system malfunctions,

the transmission control module shuts down the sub-
gearbox in question and activates the relevant “limp

home” program (driving with intact sub-gearbox).

1. Driving with sub-gearbox 11. Driving with sub-gearbox 1, sub-gearbox 2 shut down:

– Only gears 1, 3, 5, and 7* can be engaged (with

interruption in tractive power)

– Backing up (reversing) is not possible

2. Driving with sub-gearbox 22. Driving with sub-gearbox 2, sub-gearbox 1 shut down:
Only gears 2, 4, 6, and R* can be engaged (with

interruption in tractive power).

3. Complete gearbox shutdown:3. Complete gearbox shutdown:

In the case of serious faults — for example, a faulty

powertrain CAN, no identification by the immobilizer, or

recognition of an incorrect ratio in the gear steps or in

the final drive — the gearbox is completely shut down.

“Limp Home” Programs

* The nature of the fault dictates which gears are

still available. To be sure that components do not

overspeed, certain gears are disabled depending on

fault type. After ensuring that no gear is engaged in
the deactivated gearbox, all gears of the intact sub-

gearbox are shifted without any further restrictions.

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0B5 S Tronic Transmission



The 0B5 transmission features new information and

warning technology in the instrument cluster, which will

alert the driver to a system malfunction or the initiation

of a protective function.

The following warnings are displayed:

Display 1Display 1 appears when faults the driver may not notice

are recognized by the transmission control module,

which then activates a suitable substitute signal.

These faults result in no, or only negligible, loss of

performance. The purpose of the warning is to prompt

the driver to take the vehicle to an Audi dealer at the next


Display 2Display 2 appears when gearbox protection functions and

faults result in a loss of performance.

This can have the following effects:

– “Limp home” program: “Driving with sub-gearbox 2”

is active. For example, gearshifts have interruptions in

tractive power (even-numbered gears only)

– Gearbox protective function is active, but engine

power is reduced because the engine torque reduction

function is also active

– No power transmission to the driving wheels after


– The engine can no longer be started

Display 3Display 3 appears when the “limp home” program,

“Driving with sub-gearbox 1,” is active because reverse

gear cannot be selected at the same time.

Text messages disappear after five seconds, and are

displayed again for five seconds at “ignition ON.” Yellow

warning symbols are permanently displayed.

Gearbox fault:Gearbox fault:

Y You can continou can continueue

Display 1Display 1

Gearbox fault:Gearbox fault:

Y You can conou can continuetinue

driving todriving to
a limiteda limited

extent onlyextent only

Display 2Display 2

Gearbox fault:Gearbox fault:

Y You can contiou can continuenue

driving todriving to

a limiteda limited

extent only Noextent only No

reverse gearreverse gear

Display 3Display 3

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