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Ground (Case): This indicates that the component does not have a wire connected to ground.
It is grounded by being fastened to the machine.

Ground (Wired): This indicates that the component is connected to a grounded wire. The
grounded wire is fastened to the machine.



Switch (Normally Open): A switch that will close at a specified point (temp, press, etc.). The
circle indicates that the component has screw terminals and a wire can be disconnected from it.

Pin Socket Fuse

Part Number

Pin or Socket Number



Wire Gauge

Wire, Cable, or Harness
Assembly Identification

Wire Color

Switch (Normally Closed): A switch that will open at a specified point (temp, press, etc.).
No circle indicates that the wire cannot be disconnected from the component.

Single Wire

Circuit Number

Ground Connection





Circuit Breaker

Reed Switch: A switch whose contacts are controlled by a magnet. A magnet closes the
contacts of a normally open reed switch; it opens the contacts of a normally closed reed switch.

Sender: A component that is used with a temperature or pressure gauge. The sender
measures the temperature or pressure. Its resistance changes to give an indication to
the gauge of the temperature or pressure.

Relay (Magnetic Switch): A relay is an electrical component that is activated by electricity.
It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The
electromagnet can open or close the switch part of the relay.

Solenoid: A solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. It has a
coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The electromagnet
can open or close a valve or move a piece of metal that can do work.

Harness And Wire Symbols

Electrical Schematic Symbols And Definitions

1 1
2 2

Typical representation of a Sure-Seal
connector. The plug and receptacle
contain both pins and sockets.

Typical representation of a Deutsch
connector. The plug contains all
sockets and the receptacle contains
all pins.


Symbols And Definitions
Fuse - A component in an electrical circuit that will open the circuit if too much current flows
through it.

MAGNETIC LATCH SOLENOID - A magnetic latch solenoid is an electrical component that is
activated by electricity and held latched by a permanent magnet. It has two coils (latch and unlatch)
that make electromagnet when current flows through them. It also has an internal switch that places
the latch coil circuit open at the time the coil latches.

May 2006

320C Excavator
Electrical System

Wire Description





Power Circuits Accessory Circuits Continued
101 RD Batt + A537 PK Seat Heater Switch (ATCH)
103 RD Dome Lamp/ Memory A579 OR Wiper Motor
105 RD Key Switch A580 BR Wiper Motor
109 RD Start Relay A581 GN Wiper Motor
110 RD Timer Relay A582 PU Wiper Motor
112 PU Main Relay A584 BU Wiper Control
113 OR Sw Panel / Radio A586 OR Wiper Control
114 RD Horn A588 GN Hydraulic Lock Solenoid
115 RD Cab Lamp C537 GN A/C Photo Sensor
118 GY Wiper / Washer C538 OR A/C Switch Panel
120 YL 12V 7A Converter 1 C569 YL 12V 7A Converter
123 WH Seat Heater E554 PK A/C Unit
124 GN A/C Lighting Circuits
129 BU Cigar Lighter 607 PK Chassis Lamp Relay
130 RD Batt + Valve Cont 615 YL Cab Lamp Relay
135 BU 12V Out Converter 616 BU Boom Lamp Relay
147 PU ATT Sol 645 RD Switch Panel
149 RD Boom Lamp 646 RD Switch Panel
150 OR Quick Coupler A623 BU Chassis Lamp Relay
151 GN Hyd Lock Cancel Sw Control Circuits
152 BU Lower Washer / Wiper 763 BU Travel Speed Solenoid
154 RD Neutral Start Relay 780 PU Plug Assembly
160 PU Chassis Lamp 788 YL Engine Speed Pickup
168 RD Refueling Pump A718 PU Heater Control Unit
169 PK Backup / Monitor Cont A755 PK Throttle Position 1
172 RD Product Link A756 BU Throttle Position 2
175 RD A/C Blower A757 GY Throttle Position 3
179 BU 12V 7A Converter 2 A758 BR Throttle Position 4
180 GN AUX Circuit A761 PU Engine Gov Actuator
184 RD E/P Cont A762 PU Engine Speed Pickup
189 RD Timer Relay Out A768 BU Backup EPR Valve Switch
191 WH Power Window A769 GY Backup EPR Valve Switch

Ground Circuits A770 PK Backup Resistor
200 BK Ground F773 OR Engine Gov Actuator
201 BK Cab Ground F774 WH Engine Gov Actuator
210 BK Converter Ground K776 GN Alternator
229 BK Converter Ground M734 BR Switch Panel
235 BK Relay Panel Ground M736 BU Engine Gov Actuator

Basic Machine Circuits M737 WH Flow Limit Solenoid (ATCH)
304 WH Starting Circuit M738 OR Not Used
306 GN Neutral Start Circuit M739 YL Flow Limit Solenoid (ATCH)
307 OR Starting Circuit M740 PK Travel Straight Solenoid
308 YL Gov Acutator M741 GY Switch Panel
309 GY Alt Regulator M742 PU Switch Panel
310 PU Heater Relay T713 GN Thumb Open Relay (ATCH)
320 RD Horn Relay T714 BU Thumb Open Solenoid (ATCH)
321 BR Travel Alarm (ATCH) T715 WH Thumb Close Relay (ATCH)
322 GY Horn T716 PK Thumb Close Solenoid (ATCH)
323 WH Refueling Power Relay (ATCH) 877 YL Air Heater
325 PK Refueling Switch (ATCH) 892 BR Product Link (ATCH)
326 RD Key Switch 893 GN CAT Link +
329 YL Refueling Power Relay (ATCH) F873 YL Start Relay to Heater Control Diode
330 YL Diode F889 WH Plug Assembly
365 YL Refueling Stop Switch (NC) (ATCH) K843 GN Right Joystick Switch (1)

Monitoring Circuits K844 GY Joystick (ATCH)
403 GN Service Meter K847 PU Right Joystick Switch (2)
405 GY Engine Oil Switch K848 WH Joystick (ATCH)
410 WH Action Alarm K849 YL Hammer Pressure Switch (ATCH)
412 BU Coolant Level Switch K850 BR Stem 2 Status (ATCH)
430 BU Air Cleaner Switch K851 BU Medium Line Pressure Switch (ATCH)
487 OR Hydraulic Oil Filter Switch K852 GN Stem 4 Swing Cancel (ATCH)
491 PK Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sender K856 PU Stem 1 Extend PRV (ATCH)
492 GY Coolant Temperature Sender K857 WH Stem 2 Extend PRV (ATCH)
495 GN Fuel Level Sensor K858 YL Stem 3 Control Solenoid (A) (ATCH)
496 WH Hydraulic Oil Level Switch K860 BU Stem 1 Retract PRV (ATCH)

C468 BU Engine Oil Level Switch K861 GN Stem 2 Retract PRV (ATCH)
E472 GN Joystick (ATCH) K862 GY Stem 3 Control Solenoid (B) (ATCH)
E473 GY Joystick (ATCH) K864 PK Relief 1 Solenoid (ATCH)
E474 OR Joystick (ATCH) K865 PU Relief 2 Solenoid (ATCH)
E475 PK Not Used K866 WH 1Way/2Way Change Solenoid
E476 PU Not Used K868 BR PRV Ret
H465 GN Switch Panel K869 BU PRV Ret
H466 BU Switch Panel K870 GN PRV Ret
H467 WH Switch Panel K871 WH Not Used
H473 BR Straight Pressure Switch (ATCH) K872 OR Not Used
H474 GN Travel Right Pressure Switch K874 BR Variable Relief 1 Check Solenoid
H475 BU Travel Left Pressure Switch K875 BU Variable Relief 2 Check Solenoid
H476 WH Joystick Pressure Switch K879 GN Not Used

Accessory Circuits 954 GN Hammer Solenoid (ATCH)
501 GN Switch Panel 998 BR Plug Assembly
506 PU Wiper Control C987 RD ATCH V Cont
508 PU Speaker Left (ATCH) G976 BU Water Level Separator Sensor
509 WH Speaker Left (ATCH) K904 GN Pump Discharge Pressure Sensor 1
511 BR Speaker Right (ATCH) K906 GN Backup Gov Switch
512 GN Speaker Right (ATCH) K907 BU Swing Brake Cancel Solenoid
530 OR Switch Panel L968 OR PRV Return (1)
535 BU Lower Wiper Switch (ATCH) L969 WH Backup Gov Switch
575 YL Lower Wiper Motor (ATCH) L972 BU One Touch Low Idle Switch
576 PK Lower Wiper Motor (ATCH) L973 GN Fine Swing Control Switch (ATCH)
578 BU Lower Washer Switch (ATCH) L975 PK Air Heater Controller
586 BR Switch Panel L976 GN Refueling Start Relay (ATCH)
590 GY Switch Panel M906 BU Option PWM Sensor (1)
592 BU Converter (ATCH) T967 YL Pump Discharge Pressure Sensor 2

A513 RD Converter (ATCH)

Resistor, Sender and Solenoid Specifications
Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)¹
102-8016 Resistor: Backup 47 ± 2

111-9916 Solenoid:

Power Shift Control
Stem 1 (A)
Stem 1 (B)
Stem 2 (A)
Stem 2 (B)
Stem 3 (A)
Stem 3 (B)

11.7 ± 1.2

112-0090 Solenoid:
Relief 1
Relief 2

19.5 ± 2

121-1491 Solenoid:

Hydraulic Lock
Swing Brake
Travel Speed
Travel Straight
Thumb Close (ATCH)
Thumb Open (ATCH)

32.0 ± 3.2

152-8346 Solenoid: Quick Coupler (ATCH) 32.6 ± 1.6

163-6700 Sender: Fuel Level
Empty: 83.5 ± 1.5

Midpoint: 33.8 ± 2.0
Full: 8.0 +1.0 or -0.5

171-0188 Solenoid: Flow Limit 11.5 ± 0.5

4I-5394 Sender: Hydraulic Oil Temperature

20824-25451 @ 0°C (32°F)
6134-7496 @ 25°C (77°F)
3989-4875 @ 35°C (95°F)
2224-2718 @ 50°C (122°F)

973-1189 @ 75° (167°F)
475-522 @ 100°C (212°F)
221-269 @ 125°C (257°F)

¹ At room temperature unless otherwise noted.

Off Machine Switch Specification
Part No. Function Actuate Deactuate Contact Position
154-0498 Air Cleaner 635 ± 58 mm H2O Normally Open


Travel Left Pressure
Travel Right Pressure
Medium Line Pressure (ATCH)
Hammer Pressure (ATCH)
Aux. Hydraulic Pressure (ATCH)
Straight Travel Pressure (ATCH)
Joystick Pressure

490 ± 49 kPa
(71.07 ± 7.11 psi)

290 kPa MIN
(42.06 psi)

Normally Open

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33





34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55









Component Identifiers (CID¹)
Module Identifier (MID²)
Engine/Pump Controller

(MID No. 069)
CID Component
0091 Throttle Position Signal
0096 Fuel Level Sender
0110 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
0167 Alternator
0168 Voltage of the Power Supply (Keyswitch)
0190 Speed Sensor
0248 CAT Data Link
0286 Signal for Engine Oil Pressure Decrease
0374 Swing Brake Solenoid Valve
0376 Travel Alarm
0581 Proportional Reducing Valve for the Power Shift Pressure
0586 Engine Speed Dial
0587 Feedback Sensor for the Governor Actuator
0590 Engine Control
0598 Travel Speed Solenoid
0600 Hyrdraulic Oil Temperature Sender
1161 Pump Delivery Pressure Sensor (Drive)
1162 Pump Delivery Pressure Sensor 2 (Idle)
1525 Straight Travel Solenoid
2002 Action Alarm

Valve Control
(MID No. 6A)

CID Component
0145 12V DC Power Supply
1522 Check Valve Solenoid 2
1523 Check Valve Solenoid 2
1593 Auxiliary Stem 1 Extend Solenoid Valve
1594 Auxiliary Stem 2 Extend Solenoid Valve
1595 Auxiliary Stem 3 Extend Solenoid Valve
1596 Auxiliary Stem 1 Retract Solenoid Valve
1597 Auxiliary Stem 2 Retract Solenoid Valve
1598 Auxiliary Stem 3 Retract Solenoid Valve
1609 Clench Pressure Sensor
1615 1way/2way Flow Solenoid Valve
1657 Left Joystick Slide Control
1658 Right Joystick Slide Control
1665 Relief 1 Solenoid Valve
1666 Relief 2 Solenoid Valve

¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which component is faulty.

² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module
diagnosed the fault.

Event Codes
Engine/Pump Control



17 Coolant Overheat

43 Battery Voltage Too Low

50 Battery Voltage Too High

59 Low Coolant Level

95 Fuel Filter is Clogged

100 Engine Oil Pressure is Low

119 Fuel Level is Low

171 Engine Oil Level is Low

179 Abnormal Battery Charge

232 Water Separator Draining Demand

235 Hydraulic Oil Level is Low

236 Hydraulic Oil Filter is Clogged

237 Overload Warning

272 Air Filter is Clogged

600 Hydraulic Oil Overheat

862 Special Filter is Clogged

863 Automatic Greasing Failure

Related Electrical Service Manuals
Title Form Number

Alternator: 212-8561 SENR2143
Electric Starting Motor: 125-2988 REG00843

Engine/Pump Control: RENR3814
Tool/Valve Control: RENR3823

Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI)¹
FMI No. Failure Description

0 Data valid but above normal operational range.
1 Data valid but below normal operational range.
2 Data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect.
3 Voltage above normal or shorted high.
4 Voltage below normal or shorted low.
5 Current below normal or open circuit.
6 Current above normal or grounded circuit.
7 Mechanical system not responding properly.
8 Abnormal frequency, pulse width, or period.
9 Abnormal update.
10 Abnormal rate of change.
11 Failure mode not identifiable.
12 Bad device or component.
13 Out of calibration.
14 Parameter failures.
15 Parameter failures.
16 Parameter not available.
17 Module not responding.
18 Sensor supply fault.
19 Condition not met.
20 Parameter failures.

¹The FMI is a diagnostic code that indicates what type of failure has occurred.

Machine Harness Connector And Component Locations

Component Location





Actuator- Engine Gov. A-12 4-AA, 4-H Sensor- Water Separator Level (ATCH) J-12 9-II, 9-I
Alarm- Action D-1 20-EE, 20-J Solenoid- 1way/2way Control (ATCH) A-4 15-Z, 15-J
Alarm- Travel (ATCH) A-5 14-X, 14-G Solenoid- A/C Clutch B-12 5-EE, 5-J
Alternator C-12 5-EE, 5-K Solenoid- Fine Swing (ATCH) D-11 14-BB, 14-J
Battery J-12 12-II, 12-H Solenoid- Flow Limit (ATCH) B-8 5-X, 5-G
Battery (ATCH) J-12 12-GG, 12-H Solenoid- Hammer (ATCH) H-12 13-EE, 13-J
Block G-8 13-II, 13-H Solenoid- Hydraulic Lock D-12 11-CC, 11-H
Breaker- Alternator G-10 13-II, 13-I Solenoid- Power Shift Control A-7 5-W, 5-J
Control- Engine/Pump F-9 13-GG, 13-J Solenoid- Quick Coupler (ATCH) A-7 6-X, 6-K
Control- Valve (ATCH) D-9 12-GG, 12-J Solenoid- Relief 1 (ATCH) A-4 15-DD, 15-J
Control- Wiper D-2 20-EE, 20-H Solenoid- Relief 2 (ATCH) A-5 15-Z, 15-J
Converter- 12V 7A J-6 16-JJ, 16-G Solenoid- Relief Check 1 (ATCH) A-4 16-DD, 16-J
Converter- Radio D-5 14-HH, 14-J Solenoid- Relief Check 2 (ATCH) A-5 16-Z, 16-J
Diode- Chassis Lamp Relay J-11 13-II, 13-J Solenoid- Stem 1 Cont. (A) (ATCH) A-8 9-V, 9-H
Diode- Heater Control H-7 13-HH, 13-J Solenoid- Stem 1 Cont. (B) (ATCH) A-8 9-V, 9-H
Diode- Main Relay J-8 13-HH, 13-K Solenoid- Stem 2 Cont. (A) (ATCH) A-8 9-V, 9-H
Diode- Refueling Power Relay A-2 19-V, 19-H Solenoid- Stem 2 Cont. (B) (ATCH) A-8 9-V, 9-H
Diode- Start Relay H-7 13-HH, 13-I Solenoid- Stem 3 Cont. (A) (ATCH) A-8 8-V, 8-H
Engine Speed Pickup A-10 8-Z, 8-H Solenoid- Stem 3 Cont. (B) (ATCH) A-9 8-V, 8-H
Fuse Base H-10 13-II, 13-J Solenoid- Swing Brake D-12 11-CC, 11-H
Heater- Air A-10 7-EE, 7-L Solenoid- Thumb Close (ATCH) A-9 9-V, 9-H
Ind. Unit G-1 19-FF, 19-J Solenoid- Thumb Open (ATCH) A-9 9-V, 9-H
Joystick 1 (ATCH) J-2 19-II, 19-J Solenoid- Travel Speed E-12 11-CC, 11-H
Joystick 2 (ATCH) G-1 19-FF, 19-J Solenoid- Travel Straight D-12 11-BB, 11-L
Meter- Service D-1 21-FF, 21-I Switch- Air Cleaner J-11 11-GG, 11-K
Monitor F-1 22-FF, 22-J Switch- Aux. Hydraulic Pressure (ATCH) H-1 21-HH, 21-G
Motor- Lower Washer (ATCH) J-12 5-II, G-5 Switch- Backup EPR Valve G-2 16-FF, 16-I
Motor- Lower Wiper (ATCH) J-11 22-HH, 22-G Switch- Backup Gov. G-2 16-FF, 16-I
Motor- Starter B-12 4-AA, 4-I Switch- Coolant Level J-12 5-HH, 5-G
Motor- Washer J-12 5-II, 5-G Switch- Disconnect G-11 13-JJ, 13-I
Motor- Wiper E-1 23-FF, 23-L Switch- Engine Oil A-12 5-BB, 5-I
Panel- A/C Switch D-3 16-EE, 16-J Switch- Engine Oil Level A-12 5-BB, 5-H
Panel- Heater Switch D-3 16-EE, 16-J Switch- Fine Swing Control (ATCH) D-4 19-EE, 19-J
Panel- Switch D-2 17-EE, 17-J Switch- Hammer Foot (ATCH) J-3 22-JJ, 22-H
Pump- Refueling (ATCH) A-3 19-V, 19-G Switch- Hammer Pressue (ATCH) H-12 13-EE, 13-J
Relay- Refueling Start (ATCH) A-3 20-V, 20-H Switch- Hammer Pressure (ATCH) A-9 9-V, 9-H
Relay- Boom Lamp J-11 13-JJ, 13-K Switch- Hammer Pressure (ATCH) H-1 21-HH, 21-G
Relay- Cab Lamp H-11 13-JJ, 13-K Switch- Horn J-2 19-JJ, 19-K
Relay- Chassis Lamp J-11 13-JJ, 13-K Switch- Hydraulic Oil Filter A-6 9-V, 9-I
Relay- Heater J-8 13-HH, 13-J Switch- Hydraulic Oil Level A-6 11-Y, 11-J
Relay- Horn H-11 13-JJ, 13-J Switch- Joystick Pressure J-3 17-HH, 17-G
Relay- Hydraulic Lock Solenoid H-11 13-JJ, 13-J Switch- Key G-1 19-FF, 19-J
Relay- Main J-7 13-II, 13-J Switch- Lower Washer (ATCH) D-3 19-FF, 19-J
Relay- Neutral Start G-11 13-JJ, 13-J Switch- Lower Wiper (ATCH) D-3 19-FF, 19-J
Relay- Refueling Power (ATCH) A-2 19-V, 19-H Switch- Medium Line Pressure (ATCH) J-1 21-HH, 21-G
Relay- Refueling Start (ATCH) A-3 20-V, 20-H Switch- Neutral Start Limit J-2 18-JJ, 18-G
Relay- Refueling Stop (ATCH) A-2 20-V, 20-H Switch- One Touch Low Idle H-1 19-FF, 19-J
Relay- Start G-7 13-HH, 13-I Switch- Quick Coupler (ATCH) E-1 20-EE, 20-I
Relay- Start Control J-10 13-II, 13-K Switch- Refueling (ATCH) A-5 14-V, 14-L
Relay- Thumb Close (ATCH) J-8 13-HH, 13-I Switch- Refueling Start (ATCH) A-3 20-V, 20-I
Relay- Thumb Open (ATCH) J-9 13-HH, 13-I Switch- Refueling Stop (ATCH) A-3 20-V, 20-I
Relay- Timer J-10 13-II, 13-K Switch- Seat Heater (ATCH) D-3 19-FF, 19-J
Resistor- Backup A-7 13-HH, 13-K Switch- Secondary Shutdown G-3 18-II, 18-H
Seat w/Seat Heater (ATCH) H-1 17-GG, 17-J Switch- Straight Travel Pressure (ATCH) H-1 21-GG, 21-G
Sender- Coolant Temperature C-12 5-EE, 5-L Switch- Throttle Position G-1 19-FF, 19-J
Sender- Fuel Level A-6 14-Y, 14-J Switch- Travel Left Pressure J-1 22-HH, 22-G
Sender- Hydraulic Oil Temperature A-6 9-W, 9-I Switch- Travel Right Pressure J-1 22-GG, 22-G
Sensor- A/C Photo F-1 23-FF, 23-J Switch- Under Window Limit (ATCH) E-1 23-FF, 23-H
Sensor- AIH Coolant Temperature C-12 5-EE, 5-L Switch- Window Limit F-1 22-FF, 22-P
Sensor- Pump Discharge Pressure 1 A-7 6-X, 6-J Unit- A/C F-5 15-GG, 15-I
Sensor- Pump Discharge Pressure 2 A-7 7-X, 7-J Unit- Heater (ATCH) F-5 15-GG, 15-I
Sensor- Squeeze Pressure (ATCH) A-4 15-DD, 15-K Unit- Heater Control J-7 13-HH, 13-K

Connector Location

Connector Number


CONN 1 D-12 15-Z, 15-H
CONN 2 ET CONN J-11 13-II, 13-K
CONN 3 G-9 13-II, 13-I
CONN 4 G-9 13-II, 13-I
CONN 5 G-8 13-II, 13-I
CONN 6 G-8 13-HH, 13-I
CONN 7 G-8 13-HH, 13-I
CONN 8 G-7 13-HH, 13-I
CONN 9 G-7 13-HH, 13-I
CONN 10 E-7 13-GG, 13-J
CONN 11 C-6 9-V, 9-H
CONN 12 D-6 17-FF, 17-J
CONN 13 J-6 16-II, 16-G
CONN 14 G-5 17-HH, 17-G
CONN 15 F-5 15-FF, 15-J
CONN 16 F-4 15-FF, 15-J
CONN 17 F-4 15-FF, 15-J
CONN 18 F-3 15-FF, 15-J
CONN 19 H-3 18-II, 18-H
CONN 20 H-3 16-FF, 16-G
CONN 21 B-3 17-W, 17-H
CONN 22 B-3 17-W, 17-H
CONN 23 A-3 20-W, 20-H
CONN 24 A-3 20-W, 20-H
CONN 25 C-2 18-CC, 18-I
CONN 26 C-2 18-CC, 18-L
CONN 27 E-2 19-EE, 19-I
CONN 28 F-2 16-EE, 16-I
CONN 29 H-2 16-FF, 16-G
CONN 30 H-2 16-FF, 16-G
CONN 31 H-2 16-FF, 16-G
CONN 32 J-2 16-II, 16-G
CONN 33 J-2 16-II, 16-G
CONN 34 J-2 16-II, 16-G
CONN 35 G-1 18-FF, 18-J
CONN 36 A-5 14-Y, 14-K

Similer Documents