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Table of Contents
                            Table of contents
	Foldup instructions
	tower intact and ruined
	City walls intact and ruined
	Woodsman's hut , intact and ruined
	A rustic bridge for all seasons
	Gothic graveyard
	Blacksmith shop
	Versatile outbuilding
	Windows and Door
	Medieval Inn
	Town Tavern
	Rural church
	Three stories city wall
	Long, half-timbered building
	Half turret and short wall
	Timber hoarding
	Octogonal tower , two, three or four stories
	Octogonal tower , Alternate tower without door
	Cobblestone Roads, Dirt Roads, and Wood Textures
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Table of contents

Foldup Instructions

Want great terrain but have a tight budget? Enjoy putting together kits or crafts? Like showing off a gorgeous result that doesn't require a large
investment in supplies? Paper modeling might be just what you're looking for.

In the months to come, the artistic craftsmen of Wizards cartography department will bring you an ongoing assortment of foldup paper models,
including cottages, a castle tower and curtain wall (both whole and ruined), a tent, a graveyard and chapel, and a blacksmith's shop. To dive
right in, download the Foldup Instructions pdf file, then download a set of the model files to assemble.

Set 1: Cottages

These cottage designs have a thatched roof and a post-and-beam with stucco construction. They can be used
as the core building block structures to form a medieval town or village if produced several times. One of them
also works as a farmhouse by itself when surrounded by fields, hedgerows, and a rutted track. The two
cottages are composed of four image downloads that together make two cottages.

Set 2: Tower, Intact and Ruined

This tower design is a typical fortification for a small fortress or castle. To make such a castle, combine two or
more of these with the upcoming wall section. The tower can also be used as a stand- alone piece for a guard
post or a wizard's tower.

Use your imagination, and other uses will spring to mind. The tower is constructed from stone blocks and has
wooden flooring, which is shown in the ruined interior part of the building.

The intact tower is designed to fit over the ruined interior like a slipcover. This way if the building is damaged
during an encounter or battle, it can be represented instantly!

A matching wall section is featured next month, so you can start to build your own walled city. More to come!

Set 3: City Walls, Intact and Ruined

The fortified wall is designed to work as a flexible construction unit with the tower model from last month. {{link
to }} It is very easy to build a full castle or create a long line of defense for your city with multiple copies of this
wall combined with several (two or four work well) copies of the tower.

As with the tower, we have provided a ruined section that can stand alone as a ruined wall or be hidden
underneath the regular wall and then revealed when the fireball smashes into it!

Set 4: Woodsman's Hut, Intact and Ruined

This model building can be used as a stand alone in a woodland setting, or it could be one of several in a
small hamlet inhabited by farm workers or peasants. Another possibility is to place several huts outside the city
walls to represent small settlements that remain unprotected by the castle guard.

As with our other models, we have provided a ruined version of the hut that can stand alone as a ruined hut or
be hidden underneath the regular hut and then revealed later.

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