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7 Secrets of Instant
Covert Hypnosis

7 Powerful Ways To Transform Beliefs and Change Minds Inside Ordinary


(c) Nathan Thomas. 2011

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Hey! I’m Nathan Thomas from (my blog and free
resource treasure trove), and (where to grab
another cool eBook).

Welcome to this free report! Prepare to learn some pretty cool stuff about
how to create lasting transformation inside ordinary conversations with these
7 secrets of instant covert hypnosis!

The 7 Secrets.

Let’s all take a step back for a moment, and look at this rationally.

People are unique, dynamic and complicated creatures. If you think learning
one or two sneaky little weasel phrases is going to give you instant control over
somebody else, then you’d be wrong.

These 7 secrets are not meant to be treated like magic spells, and certainly not
as scripts to be read out loud.

Use these principles to guide what you do, and to help you understand how
people tick. They can be hugely powerful if you apply them in your life, but do
bear in mind this just scratches the surface.

A Word on Ethics

Why on earth would anybody, ever, use these techniques to harm or take
advantage of another person?

Even if you could, and I’m by no means saying it’s even possible, it would be an
immensely foolish thing to do.

Use these techniques to motivate, inspire and help others, and you will find
that you benefit 1000 times more than if you tried to merely exploit other

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Secret 1: It’s Not What You Think, It’s What You Feel.

There’s an old saying in hypnosis that will serve you extremely well...

Don’t Change People’s Minds, Change Their Moods...

This simple quote holds the key to a massive realization.

No matter how much we may want to kid ourselves into thinking we are
rational, logical creatures, the reality is we base the majority of our decisions
on emotion.

If you want to persuade and influence you’ll find that rational arguments alone
will fall on death ears. All great persuaders know the value of appealing to
emotion, and this is something you need to keep constantly in the back of your
mind if you want to be successful with covert hypnosis.

Now, am I saying that you should NEVER use logical or rational arguments? Of
course not! In fact, there definitely is a place for them in persuasion – just
remember that more often than not it’s the emotions that really run the show.

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Secret 2: We Either Go With, Or We Go Against

If you’ve been versed in NLP, you might have heard this described as towards
or away from motivation.

We move towards pleasure, and away from pain.

This is also true in a much broader sense. A person will either go with the
majority, or they will take a stand against it.

NLP describes these as ‘meta programs’ – but you need to realize that they are
not set in stone.

A person can move towards pleasure in one environment, and away from pain
in another – most of the time we are all actually running a combination of the

Realize that people’s unconscious motivations are often really this simple –
towards pleasure or away from pain – and you’ll be able to easily motivate

Sometimes people are too stuck in one meta program, and this can cause
problems. Perhaps you know someone who spends his or her whole life
running from pain, but never really moves towards pleasure. In this situation
you’ll need to ramp up the images of pleasure and deplete those of pain to
help them live a more fulfilling life.

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Secret 3: It’s Not What You Said, It’s How You Said It...

Surprising, but true!

Just as logic pales in comparison to emotion, so too does what we say pale in
comparison to how we say it.

When I was a kid, I would have thought this idea was laughable! I always liked
to read, and used to try and use as many big words as possible when I wanted
to get my way, thinking it would dazzle people into agreeing.

Sadly, I see the same thing among adults now at my training events, trying to
use fancy language patterns to compensate for appalling intonation and body
language which screamed low self esteem.

When I show these people the true power of non verbal communication, and
helped them raise their confidence from the inside out, the leaps and bounds
they make are incredible!

Think of just one word, the word “great.”

Depending on the context and intonation you use, in conjunction with your
body language, this one simple word can convey a whole range of ideas and

If you want to become a master communicator, focus not on the words you
say, but on HOW they are said, and this will serve you hugely well.

Again, I’m not saying that words have no place! Elegant and effective use of
language and structure is incredibly powerful, but it all hinges on the back of
body language and intonation. The more you focus on conveying the body
language of a master, the more persuasive you will be.

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Secret 4: Change The Frame, Change The Game.

All our attitudes and decisions are dependent on the frame through which we
see the world. Our frame is our point of view, and can be influenced by
everything from our back ground, education and social circle, down to our
current emotional state and the specific context we are in.

All masters of covert hypnosis are masters of reframing.

The key to changing frames is to adopt the attitude and perspective of a frame
controller. Do not accept people’s frames at face value.

NLP has the saying ‘The Map is Not The Territory’ learn to view people’s frames
as flawed interpretations of reality, rather than some solid, undeniable truth,
and you’ll gain a huge amount of leverage in your interactions.

Let’s take an example to make this a bit clearer for you, because it’s essential
for you to get.

There’s a group of four friends, cleverly named friend 1,2,3 and 4. Friend 1
wins $1000,000 in the national lottery. Friend 2 is furious – she had been
buying lottery tickets for 30 years, and had never won a cent! Friend 3 is
delighted, he lent friend 1 $1000 last year, and was finally going to get it back.
Friend 4 is sad because he worked hard for every cent he earned, and believes
that giving a free ride to friend 1 will do her more harm than good in the long
run. Friend 1, obviously, is pretty darn happy about it!

1 event, four reactions, four frames. This is why reframing lies at the heart of
covert hypnotists. Change a person’s frame, and you change their reality.

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Secret 5: Where Did The Techniques Go?

I bet many of you downloaded this book hoping for rants on embedded
commands, anchoring, hypnotic language patterns, conversational trance
inductions, sleight of mouth patterns and all the other techniques that the
internet so loves to popularize.

Instead what did I give you? A bunch of principles and ideas! How very rude of
me 

Why? Because I have been teaching hypnosis and persuasion live and online
since before I even left high school, and I know from a lot of experience that
most people who learn techniques never really use them with real people in
the real world.

Or, when they do, they sound contrived and artificial, and seldom get real

These principles on the other hand pack a real punch, and should allow you to
change your frame and shift your perspective, so that you approach covert
hypnosis from a different angle.

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Secret 6: Status Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

While in many situations having the highest status role is the easiest path to
getting your ideas accepted – and in certain contexts it is 100% essential – I
want to challenge your thinking on this a little.

People are essentially just mammals – and we live our lives in a series of
complex hierarchies. I’m not just talking formal hierarchies like the boss VS
employees. All social groups of any form, no matter how casual, have a distinct
hierarchy. Someone is always higher status than the rest, and this nearly
always varies and changes depending on the specific context.

Status brings with it authority, and can make your role as influencer and leader
much easier, but it can also bring competition and resentment.

Sometimes you’ll find the pathway to successful influence is a lot smoother if
you content yourself with being lower status, and guiding others by gradually
seeding ideas, than by charging in and trying to dominate others in status wars.

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