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 The use of  The use of aa

tunnel settingtunnel setting

shows that it is anshows that it is an


dimly lit urbandimly lit urban

location, which islocation, which is

a generic thrillera generic thriller

conveconvention. ntion. TheThe

tunnel is a verytunnel is a very


setting, helping tosetting, helping to

unnerve andunnerve and

build tensionbuild tension

 within the within the


 There is a sort of There is a sort of

‘mob mentality’ in‘mob mentality’ in

 which  which thethe

‘vulnerable’ (drunk)‘vulnerable’ (drunk)

individuindividual al isis

attacked by aattacked by a

group. This helpsgroup. This helps

to build tension asto build tension as

it is obvious thatit is obvious that

something bad issomething bad is

going to happen,going to happen,

andand –  – enhanced byenhanced by

the shadothe shadowing ofwing of

the non-ambientthe non-ambient

chiaroscuro lightingchiaroscuro lighting

 –  –  makes the group makes the group

(droogs) seem(droogs) seem

callous andcallous and

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