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TitleA.A.O. - The 156/663 Current & the DKMU (Liber Sigillum Excerpt)
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                            THE 156/663 CURRENT
An Excerpt from Liber Sigillum
By Frater E.S. & the A.A.O. in Collaboration with the DKMU
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An Excerpt from Liber Sigillum
By Frater E.S. & the A.A.O. in Collaboration with the DKMU


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used to identify a specific collective
of practitioners along with their
various methods and individual
approaches. On a mundane level, a
current is defined as “a body of

water or air moving in a definite direction”. In esoteric
terms, “water or air” is supplanted by a form of
metaphysical intent leading towards a defined goal. Some
specific currents are also commonly associated with one
or more numerical values derived from the use of
gematria, a traditional Hebrew system of assigning
number values to letters and words. Those who practice
gematria are usually of the opinion that this ancient
system, strongly entangled with Jewish mysticism, is
capable of divining the intrinsic spiritual nature behind
language itself, revealing hidden truths and wells of
power. A popular example of this is the following; the
value of “Father” - "Av" (3) and “Mother” - "Em" (41)
when added together give a value of 44, which is the
gematria equivalent of “Child”- "Yeled".

The resulting “mystical” number or numbers are
attributed to the general symbolism and core purpose of
the current in question, which some might even view as an
energy signature, or stream of unique energy which had
been tapped and utilized by the group self-assigned to it.
Perhaps the most well-known of these is Aleister
Crowley’s 93/93 Current of Thelema, “93” being the
value of both “Thelema” and “Agape”, Thelema being the
Koine Greek (Hellenistic common language) word for
“Will” and Agape being the Greek for “Love”. This

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group which occupies the 156/663
current, being composed of the twin
collectives “DK”, the Domus Kaotica
(House of Khaos), and “MU”, (the
Marauder Underground). Such explains

the formal title, although the two collectives tend to blur
at times and become starkly apparent at others. It is,
verily, a continuous dance not without its obstacles. On
one hand, the practices that either participates in are
nearly identical. On the other, there are some core
differences in how each half operates whilst moving
towards the shared goal. That goal being “the assault on
reality” for some, also called “the occult revival” by
others, though it has always revolved around the theme of
contributing to a large-scale human awakening in general.
This awakening is spread by magickal operations of all
types and variety, by the proliferation of group material,
visual media and sigil tagging, group ritual, pirate radio,
musical project, guerrilla advertisement, solo practice, and
all of the above. If it can be done, chances are the DKMU
has already done it.

Although most members consider themselves a
part of each, some have maintained a specific position in
one of the two sides of the DKMU, although this is
becoming less common as subtle differences between the
two halves begin to merge & disappear entirely.
Classically, one “joins” the DKMU as a whole by
contributing to it, which may only include regular
discussion. One classically “joins” the DK simply by

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asking, and one classically “joins” the MU by working
with, empowering and spreading the Linking Sigil.

Overall, if you consider yourself a part of the
group or one if it’s tribes, you probably are. Any avenue
of becoming officially involved remains incredibly loose,
and this shows no sign of being discontinued. However,
for those joining the group in order to be told what to do,
even as it pertains to a question of “how can I help?” the
unspoken guideline is that “you determine your own level
of involvement”.

The DKMU has no acting leader, and relies rather
on the general flow of the collective for direction. This
said, they very rarely if ever partake in the activity of
“circle jerking”, and most of them prefer to work alone
or within a very limited circle of friends depending on
the current project or circumstance at hand. Truth told, as
far as esoteric collectives go, the DKMU is still a young
entry, though if things continue as they have then we
predict a long and interesting future worth looking
forward to, even if the group is completely
unrecognizable by the end of it.

The Domus Kaotica & Marauder Underground
collective had come into existence at first in early 2004
(estimation), whereby the earliest Marauders developed
the idea of what would later become universally known as
the Linking Sigil – a simple sigil designed to act as a
means of linking various magickal operations together in

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ultimately come to face. Many have either left or
disappeared. Most are still working on themselves.

As for the future of the DKMU, if it was to be
true to form and aligned directly with those who had
brought it into being, it is to be a return to root essence
alongside the acknowledged, learned benefits of its
maintained existence, these are; personal connections,
friendships and the sporadic gatherings which might very
well be a sectioning of the 3rd Societal Option theorized
by Hakim Bey, that place of modality which was
previously held by tribal or town meetings, churches,
brotherhoods, secret societies and so on, in other words,
the Temporary Autonomous Zone, basis for the Burning
Man festival. It is that sacred place between work and
time off, as Hermes said, “When there is a gathering of
two or more, I am also there” – the unexpected guest, the
fire and fury within meetings of this type. But such a
temporary zone it is, in fact, that it may fade before us
and with not enough time to delve the real meat of its
meaning, but still of the type of phenomenon which
connects us to those of our own ilk, the forgotten,
expansive family of the tribe, so that we may scheme the
night away with a group of like-minded conspirators of
experiential decadence. Let us say, perhaps, that a
paradigm does make up the connection had here between
us, let us say that the flesh of this body may fall away and
re-grow upon the whims of our own self-becoming.
Nothing is set in stone, and much like our own
observances upon the road of our own lives. All is
transient, nothing lasts, and there is ever a sort of
excitement to look forward to, even in death.

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Indeed, the occult tradition has been pulled back
from its hazy beginnings and into the modern. Through
the application of the internet, grottoes may form and
disappear by the day, and those few that manage to survive
may indeed become as beacons in a sea of reductionism,
objectivism and material emphasis. Although we consider
the scientific method to be of tremendous use, even when
applied to matters of the esoteric, we also maintain that
the institution of science in whole is still young and
growing, and always resting upon the faculties of the
human consciousness, for what it’ s worth. The Universe
may not only be stranger than we suppose, but it may be,
and likely is, stranger than we can suppose. With this in
mind, along with the continuing accounts of success and
direct experience in meetings with the unknown, those of
our kind have reconciled to bridge the gap between the
objective and the subjective, reductionism and the
holistic, the Godly and the Godless. It is our lot to
encompass the paradox of these twin assumptions and to
herald experimentation in fields that are scarcely said to
even exist, though for some, the invisible landscape
beckons still. It is about time that we engage it.

“The edge: there is no honest way to
explain it, because the only ones who really
know where it is are the ones who have gone

– Hunter S. Thompson

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