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Synchronous motors
High performance in all applications

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2 ABB | Motors and Generators | Synchronous motors

We provide motors, generators and mechanical power
transmission products, services and expertise to save energy
and improve customers’ processes over the total life cycle
of our products, and beyond.

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10 ABB | Motors and Generators | Synchronous motors

The right excitation method for every application

At ABB we take care to ensure that the excitation system
meets the very high overall standards of reliability that
we have set for our synchronous motors.

For fixed speed applications and variable speed applications
with less demanding dynamic control requirements, a brush-
less exciter and automatic voltage regulator are generally pro-
vided. The brushless system has no wearing parts, and the
external excitation power requirement is low.

The brushless exciter is a separate AC generator mounted
on the motor shaft at the non-drive end. In most fixed speed
motors the field winding is DC fed; in variable speed motors
(and fixed speed motors with LCI starting) the field winding
is AC fed. The exciter is vacuum pressure impregnated using
the MCI method, ensuring that the windings are sealed and
secured. The advanced and yet straightforward design has a

low component count and effective protection functions, and
it offers high reliability and easy access for maintenance.

For variable speed applications where very fast and accurate
speed or torque control are required, the motor is generally
equipped with brushes and a slip ring unit to allow excita-
tion and control of the motor from the frequency converter.
The slip rings are mounted on the motor shaft with access
via removable inspection covers. In general the slip rings
and mounting flange or hub are made of steel, and they are
normally mounted as a single unit. Slip ring units with brass
rings, as well as split flange mounted units, are available on
request. The slip ring unit is fitted with brass connection pins
to facilitate installation.

No excitation system is needed for variable speed motors
with permanent magnet rotors.

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ABB | Motors and Generators | Synchronous motors 11

Higher speed motors (four and six poles) use a compact,
brushless exciter unit mounted on the rotor shaft outboard of
the bearings. No independent support or alignment is required.
The high level of field forcing delivers improved system per-
formance, which increases the production of reactive power
and is beneficial when faults arise in the supply network.

Lower speed motors (eight or more poles) typically have a
brushless exciter unit mounted inside the motor enclosure.

Excitation control
The motor excitation control panel can be supplied in a
variety of basic formats. It houses the excitation equipment,
protection system and logic functions for starting. Various
options are available on request.

We offer a wide range of instrumentation and control equip-
ment to protect synchronous motors and ensure excellent
reliability and availability, and extended product lifetimes.

Integration with plant automation systems
The motor excitation control panel can, as an option, be
adapted for immediate integration into a superior manage-
ment and supervisory system. Communication via modem
can also be supplied to facilitate remote support.

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ABB | Motors and Generators | Synchronous motors 19

Total offer of motors, generators and mechanical power
transmission products with a complete portfolio of services

ABB is the leading manufacturer of
low, medium and high voltage motors
and generators, mechanical power
transmission products with an offering
of a complete portfolio of services.
Our in-depth knowledge of virtually
every type of industrial processing
ensures we always specify the best
solution for your needs.

Low and high voltage IEC induction

− Process performance motors
− General performance motors
− High voltage cast iron motors
− Induction modular motors
− Slip-ring modular motors
− Synchronous reluctance motors

Low and medium voltage
NEMA motors

− Steel frame open drip proof (ODP)

− Weather protected, water cooled,
fan ventilated

− Cast iron frame (TEFC)
− Air to air cooled (TEAAC) motors

Motors and generators for
explosive atmospheres

− IEC and NEMA motors and
generators, for all protection types

Synchronous motors

Synchronous generators
− Synchronous generators for diesel

and gas engines
− Synchronous generators for steam

and gas turbines

Wind power generators

Generators for small hydro

Other motors and generators
− Brake motors
− DC motors and generators
− Gear motors
− Marine motors and generators
− Single phase motors
− Motors for high ambient temperatures
− Permanent magnet motors and

− High speed motors

− Smoke extraction motors
− Wash down motors
− Water cooled motors
− Generator sets
− Roller table motors
− Servo motors
− Traction motors

Life cycle services
− Installation and commissioning
− Service contracts
− Preventive maintenance
− Spare parts
− Diagnosis
− Repair and refurbishment
− Site survey and overhaul
− Replacement motors and generators
− Technical support and consulting
− Training

Mechanical power transmission
components, bearings, gears

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We reserve the right to make technical changes or
modify the contents of this document without prior
notice. With regard to purchase orders, the agreed
particulars shall prevail. ABB Ltd. does not accept
any responsibility whatsoever for potential errors or
possible lack of information in this document.
We reserve all rights in this document and in the
subject matter and illustrations contained herein. Any
reproduction, disclosure to third parties or utilization
of its contents – in whole or in parts – is forbidden
without prior written consent of ABB Ltd.
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