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Figure 1: Risk Assessment Matrix

Risk Event Likelihood Impact


Team Size Very High High Very Low Continuous
Budget High Very High Low Continuous
Availability of
hardware and

Moderate High Moderate Installation


High High High Installation

User priorities &
-can’t log on

Low Moderate High Start-up

Impact scales can a bit more difficult to determine. The impact a risk has on a project

needs to be assessed in terms of project priorities (Gray & Larson, 2011). Different risks can

affect different areas of the project. For example, issues with the budget can have a serious

impact on the project. If enough money is not allocated for the project it can bring work to a

complete standstill. Working with a small budget can also cause compatibility issues if the

project manager chose to purchase cheaper equipment. With these reasons in mind, budget was

given a “very high” impact.

Detection difficulty is the measure of how easy it would be to detect that an event was

going to occur. Once again, rank-order descriptors were used. In determining detection

difficulty for availability of hardware and software it was given a ranking of “moderate.” The

ability to acquire the necessary hardware through multiple suppliers makes this risk moderate.

However, as the project moves forward this ranking may be adjusted. The “when” factor in the

risk assessment merely states when the risk could occur. In this scenario most of the risk is at the

beginning and throughout the project.

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