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Fabrication of Automatic Guided Vehicle


Department of Mechanical Engineering ACET

 High Speed Sortation

 Material Flow and Transport

 Production and Manufacturing Delivery Systems

 Production and Manufacturing Support Systems

 Warehouse Management and Control

 Work-In-Process Buffers

The fabricated models have following advantages while comparing with the existing

models of this kind. The analyzing of advantages helps to motivate the fabrication of

AGV in the manufacturing industries. The important advantages of the prototype are

given below

 Reduce manpower

 Increase productivity

 Eliminate unwanted fork trucks

 Reduce product damages

 Maintain better control of material management

 Traffic control is not needed in this system because of single carrier

 Suitable to transfer frames

Each of the machines has their own merits and demerits. During the production we

had faced many problems. Much of them were solved during the assembling. But still

some of them stand here, which can’t have to remove. The followings are the

limitations of the prototype fabricated:

 Installation cost is very high.

 AGVs are fragile and should be handled with care.

 Regular care, inspection and maintenance needed

 Should be recharged periodically

 AGV will stop delivery when it is forced off the path.

 Battery should be recharged during intervals.

 Sun light affect the movement.

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Fabrication of Automatic Guided Vehicle


Department of Mechanical Engineering ACET

REFERENCES of research in the design and control

of automated guided vehicle systems

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Mikell.P, ISBN 8120334183

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