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The Magic of M ind
\kiERE the great personages o f the past victims o f a
" * stupendous hoax? Could such eminent men of the

ancient world as Socrates, Pericles and Alexander the
Great have been deluded and cast under the spell o f
witchcraft — or did the oracles whom they consulted
actually possess a mysterious faculty offoresight? That the
human mind can truly exert an influence over things and
conditions was no t a credulous belief of the ancients, bu t a
known and demonstrable fact to them. That there exists
a wealth o f infinite knowledge just beyond the border
o f our daily thoughts, which can be aroused and com­
manded at will, was not a fantasy o f these sages of an­
tiquity, but a dependable aid to which they turned in
time of need.

It is time you realized that the rites, rituals and prac­
tices o f the ancients were not superstitions, but supter-
fuges to conceal the marvelous workings of natural law
from those who would have misused them. Telepathy,
projection of thought, the materializing o f ideas into
helpful realities, are no longer thought by intelligent per­
sons to be impossible practices, but instead,demonstrable
sciences, by which a greater life o f happiness may be had.

One o f America’s foremost psychologists and uni­
versity instructors, says o f his experiments with thought
transference and the powers of mind—"The successes
were much too numerous to be merely lucky hits and
one can see no way for guessing to have accounted for
the results.” Have you that open - minded attitude o f
today which warrants a clear, positive revelation of the

facts o f mind which intolerance and bigotry have sup­
pressed for years? Advance with the times; learn the truth
about your inherited powers.

Let this free book explain
The Rosicrucians (N O T a religious organization) have
been leaders in introducing the ancient wisdom of men­
tal phenomena. Established throughout the world for
centuries, they have for ages expounded these truths to
those thinking men and women who sought to make
the utmost of their natural faculties. Use the coupon
below—avail yourself of a pleasing book of interesting
information which explains how you may acquire this
most unusual and helpful knowledge.

( A M O R C )


S cribe: D .M .K .
T h e Rosicrucians, A M O R C
San Jo se , California

I am sincerely in teres ted in k n o w in g m o re ab o u t this
unseen , vital p o w er w hich can be used in acquiring the
fullness and happiness o f life. Please send m e, w ith o u t
cost, th e boo k , " T H E M A STE RY O F L IF E ," w hich tells
m e h o w to receive this inform ation .

N a m e ____________________________________________ ___

Address State

4 P O P U L A R M E C H A N IC S

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