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Egyptian SciencesEgyptian Sciences

cix < je [± oo f f ttffiiE E c^~fnaiznti c^~fnaiznti

1 | 'HE huge monuments of Egypt stand in silent testimony to the greatness of
genius p ossessed by these peoples of centuries ago. T he enorm ous py ramids- -

composed of huge blocks of stone exceeding two and a half tons in weight, one

lifted high above the other hundreds of feet above the surface, each not varying

in its dimensions one-sixteenth of an inch, the whole mass composing a perfect,

mathematically correct pyramid, with the apex

exactl y abov e the center o f its bas e— thes e arc

evidential of a skill and a knowledge of such

sciences as mathematics, leverage, and masonry.

Great irrigation canals, glass-surfaced tiling, mag'

nificent colonnaded temples, mosaic floorings, a

calendar of 365 days, copper and tile water pipes,

papyru s scrolls revealing an am az ing knowledge
of the human anatomy and even using for the first

time the term “bra in,” maps of the heav ens- JKj

these are no t the consequence of accid ent, bu t of . : iilll l . . VV
the careful inves tigati ons, probings, and concl u- j S .

sions of minds which today would excel in our

scienti fic fields. In fact, the ir accomp lishme nts,

because of the laws of natu re which they dis

covered, tabulated, and used to make them

sible, were definite scientific achievements.

A A bb oo vv ee — — a complete Rosia complete Rosi --
crucian reproduction on acrucian reproduction on a

two-thirds scale of a greattwo-thirds scale of a great
obelisk of Heliopolis, Egypt,obelisk of Heliopolis, Egypt,
erected by Usertsen in 2433erected by Usertsen in 2433

B. B. C. C. TT he Heliophe Heliop olis olis obeobe

lisk was of red granite,lisk was of red granite,
quarried possibly near Assuquarried possibly near Assu

an, and weighed nearly aan, and weighed nearly a
thousand tons.thousand tons.

B B eelolo ww — — a a ccarar toto nnnnagag e e (m(m uumm 
my mask), covered with goldmy mask), covered with gold

leaf and painted with enleaf and painted with en

during eduring e namel. namel. Some werSome wer ee
made of solid gold. (See dismade of solid gold. (See dis

play in gallery E, in theplay in gallery E, in the Rosicrucian Egyptian MuRosicrucian Egyptian Mu

Exterior viewExterior view

of the greatof the great

Pyramid of Gi-Pyramid of Gi-
zeh, built aboutzeh, built about

2929 00 00 B. C.} B. C.} comcom 

posed of over 2,posed of over 2,
300,000 huge blocks300,000 huge blocks

of stone weighing inof stone weighing in

excess of two and aexcess of two and a
half tons each.half tons each.

The srcin of glass is attriThe srcin of glass is attri

buted to the Egyptians, glassbuted to the Egyptians, glass
beads, such as this necklace,beads, such as this necklace,
being found in the tombs of being found in the tombs of

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