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System Requirements 4
Known con� icts with
other programs 4

Gameplay Tips 4
Main Menu 5

New Game 5
Hero types 6
Select a nation 6
Game options 6
Customizing hero parameters 6

Pro� les and saved games 7
Pro� les 7
Load Game 8
Save Game 9

Settings 9
Escape menu 10

Main game interfaces 10
Characters 11
P.I.R.A.T.E.S. RPG system 12

Skills 13
Personal Skills 13
Ship Skills 14
Other character parameters 16
Abilities 17
Passengers 18
O� cers 18

Your ship and her shape 22
Ship’s parameters 22
Crew 23
Companions 24

Appointing a captain 25
Exchange between ships 25

Transferring cargo 25
Changing captains 26
Swapping ships 26
Transferring the crew 26

Cargo in hold 27
On-board guns 27

Repairs 28

At sea 28
At the shipyard 28

� e Quest Book 29
Logbook 29

Completed Quests 30
Relations 30

Nation relations matrix 31
Bounty or merit 31
Flag on the ship 31
Trade 31
Goods and prices 32
Selling contraband 33

Equipment and items 33
Main character’s equipment 33
Viewing maps 34

Treasure maps 34
Living in the city 35
Residence 35

Distinguishing governors and
overnors-general 35
Career 36

Brothel 36
Church 37

Donations. Increasing
reputation 37
Improving health 37
Port Control 37

Leave ship 37
Retrieve the ship 37

Fort and prison 37
Tavern 38

Recruiting a crew 38
Hiring o� cers 38
Brawls and duels 39
Renting a room 39
� e smuggler 39
� e freelancer 39
� e diplomat 39

Reconciliation 39

Table of Contents

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Th e Governor-General is the King’s representative in the New World; he may
be touring the cities of his empire. His interests are much broader than those of a
simple governor. Missions from the Governor-General may be far more di� cult,
and involve a lot of responsibility. Also, he is responsible for promoting your hero.

� e Governor-General will not deal with a captain without a privateer’s license.

Receiving a privateer license – For loyal service to your city, in the form of
completing several missions for your governor, you may be granted a privateer
license. � is patent is your ticket to potentially more pro� table missions from
the Governor-General.

Initially, the hero’s nation is unimportant for receiving a license, since there
are various back doors to acquiring one. You can simply bribe a fellow who
knows a guy who may help you.

Ownership of a license changes your a� liated country. In e� ect, it is your
business license, and therefore the start of your career.

Having received a patent, you become a privateer. And for your loyal service,

the Governor-General can promote you to any of the following:

• Commander
• Captain
• Commodore
• Admiral

If you should lose your patent – which may only happen if you attack your
own countrymen – you also loose all your titles and achievements. If you receive
a new patent, you will begin again, with nothing.

� e speed of your career-climbing depends on the quality and terms of the
missions you complete.

Pretty self-explanatory; ultimately, the solution to all a corsair’s needs. Sure,

your reputation may su� er a bit, but nothing like a good rest to get you back on
your feet again. You can also treat your crew, which surely will improve morale
on deck. You can � irt with a doll, and if she takes a liking, there’s no telling
what secrets she might unfold. Of course, not all cities are so enfranchised...

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Pirating can be hard on the conscience, it’s true. � e nice thing about the

church is they’ll forgive anyone – more or less. Which in retrospect isn’t so diff er-
ent from the above establishment. Except a bit less jolly.

Apart from simple churches, there is also the Holy Inquisition, but... best
keep away from that, frankly.

Donations – Increasing reputation
Donations and righteous deeds improve the hero’s reputation. � e bigger the

sum, the better.

Improving health
� e exclusive knowledge gathered through the centuries by church scholars

allows the holy fathers to perform true miracles of healing. If your maximum
health has somehow been docked, and will not recover on its own, the priests are
the only ones who can help you.

Port Control
Every city with a shipyard also has a port control.

Leave ship
If your hero has several ships, he can temporarily leave his companions at

port. � is will disband the crew, but any companions and cargo will remain in-
tact. You can leave up to three ships in one port. Dock fees are based on its class;
the higher the class, the more you’re charged for your ship’s safety.

Retrieve the ship
You can retrieve your ship from the head of port. Altogether, you can own up

to sixteen ships – yet can only sail with � ve at a time.
� ere are times for leaving your favorite ship at port, if, for instance, you

want to avoid attracting attention on some mission.

Fort and prison
The fort is located outside the city, and therefore immune to quick

travel. To reach the fort, you need to jaunt outside the city gates and
through the jungle.

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AGE OF PIRATES 2 – City of Abandoned Ships © 2009 Playlogic International N.V. All rights reserved.
Developed by Akella and Seaward. Produced by Akella. Published by Playlogic International N.V.

Playlogic is a registered trademark of Playlogic International N.V. All trademarks are the property of their
respective owners. “Age of Pirates” is a Trademark of Feenix Gmbh, Karlruhe –

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