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Paying a dividend to shareholders

Whether management should pursue all
positive net-present-value projects?


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Cash flows from investing in the Zinser 

 Net sales: Year 1 sales ($26.611 million) equals price per pound ($1.02/lb.)
times capacity per week (500,000 lb./week) times 52 weeks in a year.
Subsequent years’ forecasts are grown by management’s guidance for growth
(2%) and the inflation rate of 1%.

 Materials cost and conversion cost: Materials cost equals the materials cost
per pound ($0.45/lb.) times the volume for the year. Conversion cost equals
$0.43/lb. times volume less power and maintenance cost savings of $0.03/lb.
Case Exhibit 5 shows that the cost of returns is expected to increase by 10%,
or $0.0077/lb. ($0.0844/lb. − $0.0768/lb.). Thus, the conversion cost for Zinser
equals $0.4077/lb. ($0.43 – 0.03 + 0.0077).

 Inventory: Inventory equals COGS divided by number of days in a calendar
year (360) times number of days of inventory (20). The cash flow equals the
change in inventory level each year until year 10, when the inventory level is


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