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Paul has played the bass since he was 15 (a LONG time ago!) and has
made a living from music since 1992.

In 1994 Paul co-founded CARTE BLANCHE, one of the UK’s most
popular party/function bands, which he now manages.

In addition to Carte Blanche, Paul has played with numberous tribute
bands covering Abba, Robbie Williams, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Blues
Brothers, Freddie Mercury, Kylie Minogue, Seventies Disco, Eighties New
Romantic, Britpop, Bee Gees and more.

Paul has played at the business end of nearly 2000 gigs since 1990
ranging from jazz duos in pizza bars to open air festivals for 10,000
people. Paul has played all over the UK and Europe - plus the odd
couple of times in the middle east - and fits in the odd gig here and there
with Carte Blanche. His last gig was for a party at the Ritz where guests
played over £1000 a head!

In March 2008 Paul set up the website - a
website aimed at teaching the bass guitar to beginners, with a particular
emphasis on song based learning. The website - and this unique
approach - came about as a result of Paul’s dissatisfaction with how the
bass guitar is taught.

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