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TitleBlock Modelling Surpac
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Table of Contents
Block modelling concepts
	Model space
	Blocks and attributes
Setting up for this tutorial
	Setting the work directory
		Task: Set the work directory (Windows 7)
	Displaying the toolbar and menu bar
		Task:  Display the Block Modelling toolbar and menu bar
Creating a block model
	Create a block model
		Task:  Create a block model
Creating model attributes
	Create model attributes
		Task: Create model attributes
Constraints within a block model
	Applying constraints to a block model
		Task: Apply constraints to a block model
Estimation or filling the block model
	Assign Value
		Task:  Fill the block model using Assign Value
	Nearest neighbour
		Task: Fill the BIF zone using nearest neighbour
	Inverse distance
		Task: Fill the sand zone using inverse distance
	Ordinary kriging
		Task: Fill the QPY zone using ordinary kriging
Block model reporting
	Block model report
		Task:  Create a block model report
Creating calculated attributes
	Task: Create calculated attributes
Partial percentage reporting
	Partial percent reporting from the block model report
		Task: Report partial percent using geometric grouping in the block model report
	Simple partial percent reporting
		Task: Create partial percentage report
Multiple percentage reporting
	Task: Report on grade, grouped by rock type
Model reblocking
	Model reblocking
		Task: Perform model reblocking
Column processing
	Viewing the data
		Task: View the data
	Classify blocks
		Task:  Classify blocks into ore and waste
	Reduction and dilution
		Task: Calculate dilution and reduction
	Recoverable product
		Task: Calculate recoverable product
		Task: Calculate column thickness

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