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Bloody Brazilian
Knife Fightin� Techniques

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Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting� Techniques

2 sticks doing side circular movement al-
ternating directions (Photo 33) 2 sticks doing
vertical simultaneous movement (Photo 34)

2 sticks doing vertical alternated move-
ment (Photo 35 and 36)

Photo 33

Photo 34

Photo 35

Photo 36

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Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting� Techniques

2 sticks alternating horizontal and verti-
cal movement (Photo 37 and 38)

2 sticks doing the figure 8 movement, both
directions (Photo 39 and 40).

Photo 37

Photo 38

Photo 39

Photo 40

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Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting� Techniques

Pedro “Fat” CavalcantiPedro “Fat” CavalcantiPedro “Fat” CavalcantiPedro “Fat” CavalcantiPedro “Fat” Cavalcanti is a Brazilian who started studying Judo at
the age of 7 and who is now an accomplished master of this art. Pedro,
however, has been in a constant search for the ultimate fighting system, so
he also studied Kendo, Boxing, and the �Vale-Tudo� form of Brazilian Jujitsu.
Pedro�s interest in knives started while he served with the paratrooper
branch of the Brazilian Armed Forces (Army). He knew a good thing when
he saw it, and trained under Master Nakayama�s direct supervision. He is
today�s most accomplished Brazilian student of this art, and is a Master
Instructor. Pedro is now an advisor on threats management for radical sports
and other high risk outdoors activities. His website is

Rick “Kamikaze” NakayamaRick “Kamikaze” NakayamaRick “Kamikaze” NakayamaRick “Kamikaze” NakayamaRick “Kamikaze” Nakayama was born in Brazil, and is married, with
one son who is following the father·s steeps. Master �Kamikaze� Nakayama
created and developed today·s most sough-after personal defense & knife
advanced and revolucionary method, whose main characteristics are the
extreme efficiency and simplicity of the techniques, along the utmost care
for the preservation of the practitioneers well-being. We can say that SOTAI
SYSTEM is the most vicious, brutal and ruthless fighting system to one·s
foes, and a very secure one and friendly to it·s students. He started his training
before he was 5 years old, under the wise guidance of his father and first
Karate Master: worldwide renowed Sensei NakayamaSensei NakayamaSensei NakayamaSensei NakayamaSensei Nakayama, deceased. (Sensei
Nakayama, Sr., moved from Japan to Brazil to teach Karate, a mission he

acomplished with honour). For more than 30 years, Master Rick �Kamikaze� Nakayama honored his
earlier teachings, pursuing a lifelong search for the ultimate Martial Art; he learned and earned
Grades in such diverse Martial Arts ,Contact Sports and Combat Techniques as Arnis de Mano, Kick
Boxing, Hapkido, KaratŒ, Krav-MagÆ, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Vale-Tudo, Kombato,
Aikido, Capoeira, Occidental and Oriental Boxing, Judô and Kung Fu, besides being a Combat
Handgun Master and teacher. Since 1982 he has taught at the most prestigious Dojos and Security
Institutions (both Public and Private). His research on weapons combat started in 1978, when he
started to learn the martial use of such traditional weapons as the Bo (long wooden stick), Chinese
Short, Medium and Long Swords, Katana Sword, Balisong Knives, and the Nunchaku. At 22 years of
age, he moved to Japan, where he earned his 2nd Dan in Karate, and there trained with several
traditional Masters of different schools of Martial Arts, specially the Internal Arts, which were then
very secret to the outsiders. After a 2-years period in Japan, Rick �Kamikaze� Nakayama moved to
China, where he refined his skills on the Internal Arts like Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, and Dim-Mak . Back in
Brazil, he was the first Martial Arts Master to develop a systematized Knife Fighting System, uniting
the raw realities of the Streets, with the coordinnated methodology of the Oriental Dojo, along
with a rational, simple approuch, that incorporated unarmed defense skills with the Knife Fighting
techniques. Since the early ·80·s, Rick �Kamikaze� Nakayama has taught unarmed self-defense,
Knife Fighting, Tonfa and ASP (Baton) police techniques, as well as a very effective, street-proven,
improvised weapons combat system using common items. For about 10 years, he was the technical
manager of Latin America·s largest private security instituition, where he taught self-defense to
more than 50.000 trainees. Besides being such a skilled Master on the Combat Arts, Rick �Kamikaze�
Nakayama is also a Mathematics teacher, a Fighting Knives designer, and a very accomplished
illustrator. He has a website:, where internauts can see his techniques in photos
and short movies.

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Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting� Techniques

Mad AbeMad AbeMad AbeMad AbeMad Abe – a.k.a. J.R.R. AbrahãoJ.R.R. AbrahãoJ.R.R. AbrahãoJ.R.R. AbrahãoJ.R.R. Abrahão, is a well known author in his
native country of Brazil. He has over 60 published works, the most
influential of which deal with the subjects of magic, sorcery, and the
occult. Starting at Judo at the age of 4, under the worldwide renowed
Sensei YamazakiSensei YamazakiSensei YamazakiSensei YamazakiSensei Yamazaki, and at Karate at 7, he graduated in these Arts.
Besides these, he trained in several Martial Arts along the years, like
Tae-Kwon-Do, Kung-Fu Wing-Chun, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, Occidental
Boxing, Arnis, Fencing, Combat Hapkido, and Sotai System. He is
also a Master at Pistol, Submachinegun, Shotgun, and Rifle. He now
works as an attorney, but from 1980 to 1996 he battled the forces of
Communism at home and abroad. He still does occasional “advisor”
work in the fields in which he has expertise, specially terrorism, NBCR-warfare/MD-weapons, and
armed combat. His spare time is spent with his favorite playthings. The 20,000 + rounds per year he
fires from his machine gun and “destructive devices” collection would bankrupt a lesser man. When
diversions with guns become tiring, he likes to light up a flame thrower. Special times are spent
testing improvised fuel/air explosive devices (see �Home Workshop Explosives�, 2nd. edition, by
Uncle Fester, to see some of his ideas on FAM/FAE devices). Mad Abe was also a VIP-BG to the
Mayor of São Paulo city (largest South American city) in the late ´80´s, and also to other State VIP´s.
Retired from the operative field, he now serves the people by offering the world’s largest free virtual
library at

Uncle FesterUncle FesterUncle FesterUncle FesterUncle Fester – a.k.a. Steve PreislerSteve PreislerSteve PreislerSteve PreislerSteve Preisler, is the author of several books, and is
generally recognized as the world’s foremost clandestine chemist. His most
influential works include Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, Home
Workshop Explosives, and Silent Death. Fester was an outstanding wrestler in
high school and college, and when he saw the original Portuguese-language
edition of this book he was fascinated and began to study and train. He became
the first American student of this school of Brazilian knife fighting. He next
undertook the English translation and rewrite of the original text. Fester is the
father of two children, and he at present works a dayjob as an industrial chemist
to support them in the style they are used to. When not working that dayjob or
raising his children, he writes more books, researches the problems facing
clandestine chemists, runs Festering Publications, and trains for marathons.
His website is

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