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TitleBone Marrow Washing
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                            Muscle/Tendon Changing and Brain/Marrow Washing Qigong
	Longevity Qigong for Both Men and Women
	The Purpose of the Yi Jin Jing
	The Purpose of the Xi Sui Jing
History of Qigong: Bone Marrow Cleansing
	History and Translation
	The Five Levels
	Bodhidharma’s Marrow
		Skills vs. Techniques
	Bone Marrow Cleansing
	Bai Hui
	Benefits of Bone Marrow Cleansing
	Practicing Bone Marrow Cleansing
History of Qigong: Sinew Metamorphosis
	History and Translation
	The Benefits of Sinew Metamorphosis
	Hard Qigong?
	How Does it Work?
	How to Practice
	The 12 Postures
History of Qigong: The 18 Luohan Hands
	History and Translation
	Internal and External
	The Benefits of Luohan Qigong
	The 8 Pieces of Brocade
	The 18 Exercises
	1. Lifting the Sky
	2. Shooting Arrows
	3. Plucking Stars
	4. Turning Head
	5. Merry-Go-Round
	6. Punching with Eyes Wide
	7. Carrying the Moon
	8. Nourishing Kidneys
	9. Three Levels to Ground
	10. Dancing Crane
	11. Carrying Mountains
	12. Drawing Sword
	13. Pushing Mountains
	14. Separating Water
	15. Presenting Claws
	16. Big Windmill
	17. Lifting Heels
	18. Rotating Knees
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What is Bone Marrow Washing?

This Qigong combines meditation with moving Qigong. It is one of the popular Qigong
forms therapists like to practice for detoxifying and purifying themselves.

Being able to cleanse one’s body and mind at the deepest level, this practice is well known
for its efficiency to purge the stagnant Qi, dirty and sickly Qi, as well as all kinds of negative

Traditionally, this Qigong is also widely practiced for building up one’s stamina and inner
strength, and for promoting one’s perseverance and peak performances both physically and

Health Benefits of Bone Marrow Washing Qigong

1. Stimulate and activate the adult stem cells in our bone marrow for ultimate health.

2. Gently elongate the spine and keep it flexible. Alleviate and cure many spinal
problems, such as: herniated disk, stiff neck and shoulder, lower back pain, etc.

3. Help cure RSI (repeated stress injury) and TOS (thoracic Outlet Syndrome).

4. Cleanse and de-toxify oneself through purging the stagnant, dirty, and sickly Qi.

5. Get rid of one’s negative emotions.

6. Brighten up one’s spirits and help cure depression.

7. Build up one’s stamina and inner strength.

8. Improve one’s eyesight and clear one’s mind.

How to Practice Bone Marrow Washing Qigong?

1. Coordinate your breath with your movements.

2. Stretch out comfortably through awareness. Reach out to the sky in a leisurely and
carefree way.

3. Enjoy the sensation when you open up your body. Experience how your torso feels
when it is being “expanded”

4. Whenever you move one part of your body, the whole body follows. Cultivate your
center-periphery awareness.

5. Using mantras to help move your Qi.

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see your Original Face, you catch a glimpse of timeless, cosmic reality. I will say that
this is one of the most beautiful and indescribable experiences I’ve ever had.

Hard Qigong?

The 12 postures of Sinew Metamorphosis involve subtle, internal contractions. This is
why they are sometimes classified as “Hard Qigong”. It’s true that these techniques
involve slightly more tension than other techniques, but “hard” isn’t quite the right word.
If your contractions are too hard, you’ll miss the essence. On the other hand, if they’re
too soft, you’ll also miss it.

In most of the postures, there is hardly any visible movement at all. To a casual
observer, it might look like the technique is static. Those who haven’t spent time with the
basics like the 18 Luohan Hands and Flowing Breeze Swaying Willow simply won’t be
able to appreciate Sinew Metamorphosis. It’s too subtle, and too advanced. Even if you
mimic the postures perfectly, it won’t work, just like mimicking a perfect lotus position
won’t automatically make you a meditation master. You need real skill to
appreciate Sinew Metamorphosis.

How Does it Work?

For those with skill, Sinew Metamorphosis is surprisingly powerful. For me, even after
years of practicing these techniques, I still get a kick out of how powerful they are. With
hardly any movement, and with just a dozen repetitions, suddenly there’s a ton of energy
surging through my body. Cool!

How does it work? I can only speculate. My best guess is that the subtle contractions
stimulate the energy meridians in the body, as if plucking a string on a guitar. Because
the string has some tension in it, when you pluck it, the string resonates. It’s not a
perfect analogy, but it’s probably the best we can do to explain what’s happening with
Sinew Metamorphosis.

How to Practice

It goes without saying that you can’t learn Sinew Metamorphosis from a book or a video.
It must be learned face-to-face. If have read about Sinew Metamorphosis in my teacher’s
books (or other books), and you are baffled, it’s because you haven’t learned the
techniques in person. Once you do, you’ll be amazed.

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Because these techniques are very powerful, we have to shorten the practice routine.
Think of them like that super-concentrated laundry detergent which requires a smaller

Duration: 10-12 minutes.
Frequency: Once weekly (beginners), or alternating days (intermediate).

1. Opening Sequence (1 min)
2. Choose 1 technique x12 repetitions (1 min)
3. Flowing Breeze Swaying Willow or Five Animal Play (5-7 mins)
4. Stillness (2 mins)
5. Closing Sequence (1 min)

Remember to breathe spontaneously through the 12 repetitions, but then add a relaxed
exhalation through the mouth at the end of the repetitions. This exhalation activates
the energy flow.

If you are new to Sinew Metamorphosis, don’t practice it every day. Do it once or
twice a a week for starters. If you enjoy it (like many people do), then gradually work up
to every other day. After a few months of that, you can try doing it every day.

The 12 Postures

Historical records give descriptions, but no names for the postures. For years, my
teacher used names like “Flicking Fingers” and “Stretching Palms”, which are not very
poetic. A few years ago, he created his own names in the classical Chinese style.
Personally, I think they are great.

1. Golden Dragon Taps on Earth

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Useful for: arthritis, tendonitis, impotence, low back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome,
depression, grief, memory problems.

This is one of the best exercises for channeling Qi to the hands. Because of this, it’s
part of the method for an advanced Kung Fu art called Cosmos Palm. In combination
with other exercises, it’s also excellent for stimulating the Five Animal Play.

14. Separating Water


qing long fen shui
Green Dragon Separates Water

Useful for: depression, anxiety, COPD, lung disorders, excessive or insufficient grieving,
fibrocystic breast disease, general breast health, self confidence issues.

This is an excellent exercise to open and nourish the Heart and the Lung systems. It is
especially useful to cure clinical Depression. Interestingly, it will also give you powerful
arms for martial arts.

15. Presenting Claws


qing long xian xhua
Green Dragon Presents Claws

Useful for: kidney stones, diabetes, anxiety, arthritis,

This exercise channels energy to the Spleen, Pancreas, and Kidney Meridians, as well
as all ten fingers (and the Meridians associated with them). It is also used to develop
the Art of the Dragon Claw in Shaolin Kung Fu, which is a compassionate way to disable
an opponent without doing serious damage.

16. Big Windmill


da feng che shou
Big Windmill Hand

Useful for: diabetes, arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, shoulder pain.

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