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TitleBook Two Aysarul Aqwaal Sharhu Tuhfatul Atfaal
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 – the family
 – the companions
 – follower
 – reciter / reader
 – listener

61. (As well as) the family (of the Prophet), the companions, and
every follower, and every reader (of the Qur’an) and every listener
(of the Qur’an).


This explanation of the Tuhfah was completed only through the Will
of Allah, the Almighty. I thank Him incessantly for the bounties He
has bestowed upon me and humbly request that He increases me in
knowledge and accepts this humble effort of mine in the serving His
dīn. I also beseech Him to shower His Mercy and Blessings upon my
teachers, friends, family, and students. May Allah forgive my
parents, and continue to guide me. Āmīn.

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