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TitleBruce Frantzis - Dragon and Tiger Qigong
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Table of Contents
1 - Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung: A Miracle Health System
2 - Standing Posture and Longevity Breathing: Movement 1 Basics
3 - Dragon and Tiger Meet: Movement 1 Components
4 - Putting It All Together: Movement 1 Integration
5 - Shift Weight While Turning: Movement 2 Basics
6 - Dragon Looks to the Horizon: Movement 2 Components
7 - Putting It All Together: Movement 2 Integration
8 - Tiger Crouches: Movement 3 Components
9 - Putting It All Together: Movement 3 Integration
10 - Tiger Separates Her Cubs: Movement 4
11 - Tiger Pounces: Movement 5
12 - Dragon and Tiger Pierce Heaven and Earth: Movement 6
13 - Dragon Soars to Heaven and Brings Back the Pearl: Movement 7
14 - Dragon and Tiger Overview: Physical Principles
A1 - The Frantzis Energy Arts System
A2 - The Living Taoism Collection
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Movell1ent 2 Integration

In the two previous chapters, you learned how to turn your torso while protecting your knees

and the basic components of Movement 2. Now you will learn to put them together.

Step 1 teaches new landmark positions that will help you coordinate the movements of

the hands while turning your torso, shifting weight and flicking the hand and foot.

Step 2 teaches you how to smoothly transit between the landmark positions.

Step 3 teaches you how to make the transition between Movement 1 and Movement 2.

This could not be taught at the end of Movement 1 because it incorporates many elements

of Movement 2 which still needed to be learned.

Step 4 teaches you to integrate all the steps that you have learned into one relaxed and

coordinated movement.

Step 1: Learn New Landmark Positions
New landmark positions will now help you coordinate the movements of your hands, legs,

breath, weight shifts and turns. These landmarks are devices to help orient you as you move

from one position to another without stops and starts. If you lose your place, these positions

will be very helpful to put you in a comfortable starting place.



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106 Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung

The Foot and Shoulder's Nest position is the one you have already learned (Figure 7-7).

You will always return to this position just before turning your torso to the right or to the left.

The Heart and Beak Hand and Flick positions (Figures 7-2 & 7-3) differ from the one

learned in Step 4 of the previous chapter (p. 98) because your torso will be facing sideways

and not forward. For now do not worry about how you transit to these positions. Use the

instructions below to place your hands and feet in the landmark positions. Follow the 70

percent rule in doing so.

1. Begin with the Foot and Shoulder's Nest position (Figure 7-7 A), right arm up.

• Your right hand is up at about shoulder's height, elbow pointed sideways and palm

facing your shoulder's nest.

• Your weight is evenly distributed on both feet.

2. Turn your torso to the right to put yourself in the Heart and Beak Hand position

(Figure 7-2 A).

• Your right foot is fully weighted and faces forward.

• Your torso is turned to the right as far as is comfortable.

• Your left leg is turned at the same angle as your torso and left foot is ready to flick.

• Your right arm is extended, elbow dropped, fingers in a beak hand. Your beak

hand is ideally on the centerline of your body at about shoulder height.

• Your left arm is at the centerline at about heart height with palm facing upward.

3. Flick the tigers of your right hand and left foot to place yourself into the Flick position

(Figure 7-3 A).

• Your right foot is fully weighted.

• The fingers of your flicking hand point straight ahead, your palm faces downwards

at the ground and your flicking foot and toes point downwards.

• The left hand continues to be on the centerline at about heart height with palm

facing upwards.

4. Turn your torso to face back to center to place yourself in the Foot and Shoulder's Nest

position, left arm up (Figure 7-7 B).

• Raise left arm slightly to about shoulder height, palm facing towards shoulder's nest.

• Right arm has dropped and palm faces towards the right leg. The right fingers face


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218 Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung

tension, fear, anger and pain. Frantzis guides you through turning inwards to awaken the

great human potential inside yourself and move closer to feeling truly alive and joyful.

Frantzis has recently released a three-CD set, Ancient Songs of the TAO, a collection of

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performing any movement or meditation practice. The songs can help you breathe fully into

your entire body and optimize your heath and well-being.

Training Opportunities
Bruce Frantzis is the founder of Energy Arts, Inc., based in Marin County, California. Energy

Arts offers instructor certification programs, retreats, and corporate and public workshops

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Instructor Certification
Prior training in Frantzis Energy Arts programs is a requirement for most instructor courses.

The certification process is rigorous to ensure that instructors teach the authentic traditions

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Train with a Frantzis Energy Arts Certified Instructor
The Energy Arts Web site,, contains a directory of all the certified instructors

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Contact Information
Energy Arts, Inc.

P.O. Box 99

Fairfax, CA 94978


fax 415.454.0907

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Appendix 2: The Living Taoism Collection 219

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