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What is business?What is business?

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oveoverr customecustomers/employrs/employees/sharehoees/shareholders)lders)

Environment of BusinessEnvironment of Business

Factors Constituting the BusinessFactors Constituting the Business

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Contg. >>>Contg. >>>

Surrender of Shares (Sec 77 prohibits)Surrender of Shares (Sec 77 prohibits)

Forfeiture of SharesForfeiture of Shares

Purchase by Co. of its own sharesPurchase by Co. of its own shares



Appointment of Directors;Appointment of Directors;

1.1. FiFirsrst Dt Dirirecectotorsrs, 2., 2.AAppppoiointntmement by nt by CoCo., ., 3.3.By By ththe Be Boaoardrd,,
4.By third parites, 5.By proportional representation, 6.By4.By third parites, 5.By proportional representation, 6.By

the Central Govt.the Central Govt.

Removal of Directors;Removal of Directors;

1.1. ShShararehehololdedersrs[2[28484], 2], 2.C.Cenentrtral al GoGovtvt., ., 3.3.CoCo. . LaLaw Bw Boaoardrd

Reconstruction & Amalgamation [394]Reconstruction & Amalgamation [394]

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