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Question # 2

Do you think John Mackey has a good strategic vision for Whole Foods? Why or
why not? What do you like/dislike about the company’s motto “Whole Foods,
Whole People, Whole Planet”? Do the motto and the principles underlying it

really matter at this company or are they just nice words and cosmetic window
dressing? Explain

John Mackey’s vision for Whole Foods was to become an international brand synonymous not
just with natural and organic foods but also with being the best food retailer in every community
in which whole food stores were located. He wanted whole food’s market to set the standard for
excellence in food retailing. His philosophy was that marketing high quality natural and organic
foods to more and more customers in more and more communities would overtime gradually
transform the diets of individuals in a manner that would help them live longer, healthier, more
pleasurable lives.1

John Mackey’s vision charts the company’s future strategic course. It explains what the
company wants to be, where it wants to go and what are the scopes of the company’s future.
When we see the popularity of the company in natural and organic food market we may realize
that John Mackey’s vision for Whole Foods is not unrealistic or unachievable. He does not want
to stop at just natural and organic food but also wants to capture the food retail business itself
and at the same time considering the health and happiness of the people. In my opinion if John
Mackey follows the strategies made by the company and continue carrying out the wonderful
business and pleasing the customers the chances of achieving the vision gets higher with time.

The company’s motto “Whole Foods, Whole People and Whole Planet” covers the three most
important factors of success of food retail business. It focuses the quality of products being
offered, it focuses the employees of the company and it also covers the social responsibility of
the company. However the company’s main motto does not mention the factor of customer
satisfaction. It should mention the importance of customers for the company as customers
should be the first priority of any company. The good thing about Whole Foods is that it follows
its motto in running the business. These are not just the nice words written by the company to
impress people. Whole Foods provide the best quality, least processed natural and organic food
to its customers. In its each store they have made teams and its employees are very satisfied
with the respectful workplace. It has fulfilled its commitment of team based management to its
employees. Each store of Whole Foods has as many as 13 teams each led by a leader. This
has given empowerment to employees increasing their satisfaction level. Whole Foods Market
is also fulfilling its social responsibility by donating to educational organizations. It has also
established a not for profit Whole Planet Foundation. It has stopped using disposable plastic
bags and has started converting its distribution fleet vehicles to biodiesel fuel. It is also involved
in promoting proper animal farming etc.

Question # 3



Arthur A. Thompson, The University of Alabama, 2008

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