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Use: To express an action or event that has not occurred yet but will
or might occur in the future.

B. Meaning

How would you explain to a foreign learner the difference in meaning
between the following sets of sentences?

A. I like going to the beach.
B. I’d like to go to the beach.

A: Means ‘I like it in general’ and describes someone’s habits/hobbies.
B: Means ‘I want’ to go - at some future time, maybe tomorrow.

1. She remembered meeting him.
She remembered to meet him.

A. Means ‘She has met him before’ and remembers him from then.
B. Means ‘She had agreed to meet him’ and remembered to do so.

2. I used to play tennis.
I am used to playing tennis.
I played tennis.

A. Means ‘I have played tennis is the past but not anymore’.
B. Means ‘I play tennis regularly’
C. Means ‘I played the game recently’

3. If he works hard, he’ll pass the exam.
If he worked hard, he’d pass the exam.

A. Means there is a certainty that he will pass the exam in the near
future, provided he puts in hard work
B. Means there is a possibility that he might pass the exam, if he
works hard.

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