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TitleCrash Team Racing Cheats
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Table of Contents
                            Crash Team Racing Cheats & Codes
	22 Cheats
		Infinite Bombs
		Unlimited Wumpa Fruit
		Little Tiger Shortcut
		Unlock Turbo Track
		Unlock the Scrapbook
		Infinite masks
		Extra Battle Arenas
		Scrapbook option
		Papu Papu
		Fake Crash
		Ripper Roo
		Turbo pads
		Turbo counter
		Penta Penguin
		Invisibility power-up
		Nitros Oxide
		N. Trophy
		Komodo Joe
		Turbo boost
		Access Nitros Oxide's Space Ship
		Spyro 2 Demo
	2 Hints
		Use Cheats in Adventure Mode
		Shortcut on Sewer Speedway
		Super Speedway Secret Short Cut
		Papus Pyramid Secret Area
		Nitro Court Hint
		Relic Race Hint
		Slide Colisseum Hint
		How To Get A TNT Crate Off Your Head
		Dragon Mines Shortcut
		Blizzard Bluff Shortcut
		Open N. Oxide's Space Ship
		A Easier Way To Beat N. Tropy On Time Trial
		Cup Points
		Unlock Difficulty Settings Normal And Hard
		Crystal Levels
		Blizzard Bluff Shortcut 2
		Avoiding The Warp Orb
		Juiced Up
		Hopping Hint
		Hot Air Skyway Shortcut
		CTR Tokens In Crash Cove
		Getting The
		Speed Boost
		Go Racer, Go
		Jumping To First
		Bomb Direction
		A Shortcut
		Red Gem Cup
		Green Gem Cup
		Blue Gem Cup
		Yellow Gem Cup
		Purple Gem Cup
		Race As Fake Crash
		Turbo Track
		Bonus Battle Arenas
		Penta Penguin
		Unlock Turbo Track
		Bonus Tracks
		Race As Penta Penguin
		Race As N. Tropy
		Race As Ripper Roo
		Race As Papu Papu
		Race As Komodo Joe
		Race As Pinstripe
		Always Get Invisible Pick-up
		Infinite Masks
		Infinite Bombs
		Infinite Wumpa Fruit
		Super Turbo Pads
		Display Turbo Counter
		Misc. Codes
		Unlock N. Trophy's ghost
		Unlock Nitros Oxide's Ghost

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