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When you clear the karmic ties between you and your family members, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a
relationship with them anymore. It just means that your relationship will evolve from a karmic or codependent one,
into a relationship or union of higher love and understanding. A true union is when you can love the other person
and not expect anything back from them in return, and allow them to be who they are. In this way, you have two
people who are truly whole, and not just trying to extract what they feel that they lack in themselves from the other
person. And they are also not trying to constantly change the other person.

Below is a simple step-by-step “cord-cutting” technique:

Put your hands in the slightly cupped position. Place one hand above and slightly in front of your head and place
the other hand down at your side but curving slightly inward toward your body (Fig. A). It will be as if you are
holding a large ball in front of you. Most people put their dominant or energizing hand at the top.

1. Imagine beams of light projecting from your fingertips long enough to sweep across the front of your body.

2. Now, sweep down with your top hand while sweeping up from below with your other hand. You can dip your
knees in order to sweep across your legs in front. Imagine that you are gathering together all these cords, from
the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, that are connected to various parts of your energy aura.

3. Pull them together into one bundle in front of your front solar plexus chakra. You should be able to feel them as
your hands get about eight to 12 inches apart. Then grasp the cords in one hand.

4. Cut through the cords forcefully with a brisk karate chop motion with your dominant or top hand (Fig. B) You
may wish to visualize the edge of your hand as a sharp, serrated knife. Make three cuts close to your body at the
front solar plexus.

5. Visualize an image of your back. Repeat your name silently to clarify your intention.

6. Place one hand above your visualized head and one hand below your visualized feet.

7. Sweep and gather the cords into a bundle at your back solar plexus chakra in the same manner, then cut them
with three sharp motions.

You should repeat these techniques after every client you see and after any negative interaction with people.
Cord Cutting is just one of nine powerful tools you can use to maintain a state of good health through energy
hygiene. Developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui for the Pranic Healing.

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