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Preparation :
(qqq) Material :
(rrr) Tools & Equipments : Computer
(sss) Other Requirements : WYSIWYG web design tool

Review :

Link : Work with this tool is same like other web design tools.

Motivation : With some initial knowledge about web design we can use this tool for web




1. Computer i.e. With WYSIWYG web design tool

2. Start with initial introduction about this tool.

3. Start using tools and its features.

4. Practice simple website design using this tool.

-->What is the basic need to for
website design?

-->Which types of tools we use
for website design?

-->What are the advantages of
using this tool for website design?

-->What is the difference between
this tools and other website
designing tools.

Application: For students to start practicing in WYSIWYG web design tool
Summary: Students must be able to work with WYSIWYG tool and develop a simple

website using this tool.
Test: Student must be tested for the tool for web designing.
Assignment : Simple website for ITI
Next Demonstration: Typing Practice in Regional Language & Cyber Crimes


Trade : Typing Practice in Regional Language & Cyber Crimes Week : 22
Date : Lesson No. :
Name : Demo No. : 27

Skill : Operating knowledge about computer and cyber world.
1. Computer typing knowledge.

2. Knowledge about internet and cyber world.

Objectives : Trainees must be able to type in regional language and gain knowledge
about cyber world.

Aids : Computer System with internet connection and software for regional

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