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Art of the Bedchamber

method. This not only is beneficial to the
body, but causes the woman to feel great
Jove. The man experiences great comfort
and the woman feels lovely. There is a
mutual balance of benefit. This then is
the tao of "fulfilling the significance" and
the business of "completing the rela-

Chapter 18. Rejuvenation through

Man's cultivating the True7 and nour-
ishing life is like an old tree flourishing
again through grafting. Supplementing
one human being by means of another is
precisely the same principle as grafting a
branch onto a tree. The Hsien ko says:

Those who fail to understand the principle
of longevity,

Need only look at the grafting of pear in
the midst of mulberry.

Anyone who desires to engage in this
work must obtain a perfect precious
crucible whose age is above fifteen but no
more than thirty. Women of fourteen
represent the "minor yin," those of
twenty-one the "abundant yin," and
those of twenty-eight the "strong yin."
The "minor yin" nourishes the body and
the "abundant yin" increases the life-
span. You should obtain one and raise
her gently. Wait until her "red tide"8 con-
verges, and then allowing neither excess
nor insufficiency, employ her with profit
to yourself. If absorption and cultivation
are practiced for a long time, one's
physical form may remain in the world.
When a woman reaches thirty-five, this is
the phase of "declining yin." Forty-two is
called "major yin," and forty-nine is "ex-
hausted yin." One must realize the im-
portance of avoiding these. It is especially
important to avoid those who are too fat,
for it is difficult for their vessels to flow
freely. Those who are too thin have too
little flesh and fluids. Those who are
weary have too little spirit and ch'i. Those
who are weak will actually harm a man's
yang. Those who are weary in spirit have
cold yin. Those who are ill have poison in
their yin. 9 All of these are called "yin

144 thieves" and should be avoided. More-

over, absorbing and supplementing is a
matter of my own mind. One must empty
the mind, calm all cares, understand the
taboos, and observe the signs of arousal.
Withdraw and fill her again slowly; dally
and toy with her deliberately. Enter weak
and exit hard. Pay careful attention to the
point when one feels the urge to ej acu-
latc, but has not yet ejaculated. With-
draw and withhold it. Clearly distinguish
the point between imminent arousal and
full arousal. Remember that a ship is
steered with a rudder of but one foot, and
a crossbow shot with a trigger of but one
inch. Gentlemen of intelligence can use
their minds to reverse it.

Chapter 19. Returning to the Source
and Reverting to the Root

"Returning to the source" refers to the
method of retrieval. The "true yin'' rep-
resented by the middle line in the trigram
Li is formless but reveals a sign. Its fire
tends to rise upward. If employed in the
ordinary way, conception occurs and a
human being is born. If the process is re-
versed, a precious pearl is formed. This is
known as the "Yellow River turns back
its waves." It is pulled back to its source
until it returns to the "gate of heaven.,.
When absorbing and refining, use mental
concentration and contraction to lock 10

it; use absorption and inhalation to
gather it. If one does not follow the cor-
rect method in "dismounting,'' how can
one expect to "revert and return," distri-
buting it [throughout the body)? After
finishing the act, one must lie flat on the
back, extending the arms straight out,
and relaxing the feet, with the head rest-
ing on the pillow and the heels making
contact with the bed. The body should
feel as if suspended in space. ~Iold the
breath with all your might and shake your
body several times, finally letting the air
escape from the nose. Execute this in a
smooth and even manner. If one feels
heat in the face, this is because the ching-
ch'i already has ascended to the ni-wan.
At this moment, one should use both
hands to massage the skin of the face and
cause the heat to disperse. Now close the
lips and stop breathing. With the tongue,

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Medical Manuals and Handbooks for Householders

stir about in the "flowery pool" and swal-
low the "holy water" to the tan-t'ien. In
this way one is able to circulate the ching-
ch'i throughout the body and it becomes
a very useful thing. If practiced for a long
time, one may wander freely in the Milky
Way and feast in the "yellow court. "I I

Chapter 20. Conception and
Prevention of Miscarriage

By practicing "absorption" during inter-
course, men and women gain longevity,
but by ejaculating, the womb is calmed
and conception results. There is a saying:
"There are three things that are most un-
filial, but the worst is to fail to produce
descendants." Therefore, conceiving off-
spring is one of life's most urgent duties.
The man must first supplement his clzing
and strengthen his kidneys to invigorate
his yang-ch'i. The woman must regu-
late her menses and nourish her blood,
and then the womb will be congenial and
warm. Wait for the "monthly affair" to
be past and the "red flow" to be finished.
Precisely when the womb is open is the
most suitable time for intercourse. On the
first day one will conceive males and on
the second females, based on the princi-
ple of yang corresponding to odd num-
bers and yin to even. If one proceeds
according to the proper method, the chil-
dren will be endowed with virtue and in-
telligence. They will be free of illness and
easy to raise. After the fifth day, the "yin
gate" closes and it is a waste to have in-
tercourse. When having intercourse it is
essential that both partners be emotional-
ly aroused, for only then will there be a
successful response. If the woman is still
unmoved when the man is already
aroused and his ching arrives, then she
will not be able to accept the ching. If the
woman is aroused first and her passion is
already past, although the man's passion
has not yet subsided, then the ching will
arrive late and also will not be accepted
by her. It is possible only when the two
arc both ecstatic. The man penetrates
deeply with the "jade stalk" and ejacu-
lates as the woman raises her waist to
receive it into her womb. They rest
together for a short time and then sepa-

rate. Have the woman lie straight with
her face up. With 100 attempts there will
be 100 successes. Also the tzu and
wu are the time of "yang major" and
intercourse then will produce sons. The
mao and yu hours belong to "yin major"
and intercourse then will produce daugh-
ters. Furthermore, if the yin blood arrives
first and the yang-clzing bursts through la-
ter, then the blood opens and envelops
the ching. The clzing penetrates, becom-
ing the bones, and a male is forme?.
If the yang-cl1i11g arrives first a1~d the ym
blood joins it later, then the clung opens
and surrounds the blood. The blood then
is in the interior and a woman is formed.
If the ching and blood arrive simu.l-
taneously, twins result. This is the basic
principle and it thus is appended here.


During the reign of Emperor Shih-tsung
[Ming dynasty, 1522-1566) I served at .the
Imperial Court in Peking. At t~at ti~e
the Taoist adept T."ao enjoyed 1mpen~}
favor because of }us magical powers.
we trace his accomplishments, however'
they were nothing but illusion and fantasy
without legitimacy. However. his mast~ry
of the art of "absorption and supp c-

. ,, . d d 'r1t1ine There-mentat10n was 111 cc gc · . Id
f · · g a npe o ore, the Emperor's enJOYtn h
age was entirely due to this. I very muc

d . . d b ·b· a close atten-a nured his art an , n mg ' ·., the
dant, was able to purchase some of .
secret transmissions preserved there, m-

. f Master
eluding two works, the classic 0 . ' . ,
L .. T . d h ·posi·t1.t"'n of his d1s-u ung-pm an t e ex , .
. . d. I but found it

ctple. I practiced acco: mgn~rol After a
difficult at first to gam co :
long time however. it came quite natur-

, · f · ·t cars
ally. Thus. during a pc nod 0 six Y Y '
I had intercourse with more than .


women and reared 17 sons. I have ltved
through five emperors and personally
seen five reigns. Although I am very old,
I am still not weary of the hcdchamber ·
and when on occasion I have intercourse'
I always manage to vanquish several
women. Although heaven has blessed me
with years, the contribution of ~hc .. <ut of
"absorption and supplemc1~tat10n can,-
not be denied. There 1s a saymg that goes, 145

Page 294

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Page 295

The Chinese Sexual Yoga Classics

Including Women's Solo Meditation Texts

Douglas Wile

This is the first comprehensive anthology of the Chinese sexo lo~
classics. the world's oldest and most advanced tradition of sexual yoga. While
remaining accessible to the general reader. the translation of these texts. most
never before translated in toto and some only recently unearthed in China. sets
new standards of accuracy and scholarly felicity.

"This is a comprehensive anthology and beautiful translation of over two
millenia of Chinese treatises on the use and practice of sexual intercourse. The
author has done a magnificent job of collecting materials. Because many of the
texts have a quasi-legendary status. they must be reconstructed from citations in
later authors. Furthermore. there have been a raft of Chinese sexologists in the
last century who have scurrilously misquoted. abstracted. combined. and other-
wise made a mishmash of materials. Wile has superbly sorted these th ings out to
provide clear texts that make sense. and he has recorded the reasons for his
decisions in notes.

"The long introduction is the most beautifully written 'review of sources' I
have ever read. The writer's humor as well as easy erudition help. Not only does
he explain the background of the texts. he analyzes their continuities. and
divergences. and applies a thoroughly historical understanding to the develop-
ment of Chinese sexology. This introduction alone establishes Wi le as a major
voice in religious studies. Sexology is a branch of religious studies when it is
treated as the Taoists do as a means to immortality and perfected relations with
the cosmos." - Robert c. Neville. Boston University

"I am very impressed with the author's scholarship and expertise as well
as with his deep and true insights into the nature of Chinese culture. Far too long
has Taoism been considered a bulwark of feminism in ancient China. an idea
which proves erroneous as soon as one takes the trouble to really look at the
texts. This book is fascinating and absolutely wonderful to read."

- Livia Kohn. Boston University

Douglas Wile is Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Literature
at Brooklyn College.

ISBN 0-7914-0886-8



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