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Overview of Kaizen Principles
Kaizen Your Health
Kaizen Your Relationships
Kaizen Your Career
A note from Dr. Maurer
Kaizen Quotes
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In this section of the booklet, you’ll apply the principles of
Kaizen to your relationships. But first, you need to develop
your Relationship Vision. In the following section, describe
the ideal state of your relationships. Be sure to include things
like your ideal romantic relationship, your kids, your friends,
and even your co-workers. If you have a specific relationship
goal (such as to get married or to become a better listener),
write it here as well.






Here are some small questions to get you started.

Is there a person at work or in my personal life whose voice
and input I haven’t heard in a while? What small questions

the pleasure of perfect satiation—not hungry, not stuffed.

Now it’s your turn. What are five small moments you might
notice as you move toward your goal of health?

1. _______________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________________

Kaizen Your Relationships

Would you like to:
■ Find that special someone?
■ Strengthen your marriage or romantic relationship?
■ Overcome your resistance to intimacy?
■ Be a better parent, child, sibling, or friend?
■ Have a better relationship with yourself?

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