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Transmission identification

The "6 Spd. Direct Shift Automatic Transmission 02E Front
Wheel Drive" is installed in the Jetta 2005 . Allocation
00-4, Code letters, assembly allocation, ratios, equipment .

Location on transmission

Transmission code letters are located at top on
transmission, in the area of oil cooler.

Example for one transmission:

HLH = Transmission code letters

13.08.04 = Production date 13th August 2004

14 = Plant code

06:32 = Time

0011 = Serial number

The transmission code letters are also listed on the vehicle
data plates.


If the data plate is not available, a different
transmission was accidentally installed or there is no
definite way to identify the installed transmission,
read the transmission code letters directly from the

Volkswagen Jetta 2005->

Page 2

transmission 00-1, Transmission code, reading .

Transmission code, reading

Short description

On some transmissions, additional transmission code
letters are located on the top of the transmission in the area
of the selector lever cable - arrows - .

To read the transmission code letters, under the console,
directly from the transmission, the engine and transmission
must be supported. The console - A - of left assembly
mounting must be removed.

When doing this, it is important to lower the
engine/transmission only far enough until the console can
be slid toward rear. If lowered farther, the pendulum
support will be damaged.

After reassembly, selector lever cable must be adjusted
34-9, Selector lever cable, checking and adjusting .

Transmission identification

Page 85

- Unscrew drain plug - A - .

Approx. 5.0 liters of oil will drain out. Container still remains
standing under transmission.

- Replace sealing ring for drain plug - A - .

- Screw in drain plug - A - and tighten to 45 Nm.

- Unscrew bolts - arrows - and remove cover for
transmission oil pump - A - .

Oil is still located in cover for transmission oil pump.

- Unscrew bolts - arrows - and remove transmission oil
pump - 1 - from alignment pins and input shaft for
transmission oil pump.


Transmission oil pump, removing and installing

Page 86

- Slide input shaft - A - for transmission oil pump into
transmission until it stops. turn input shaft slightly while
doing this.

- Replace gasket for transmission oil pump - B - on

The 2 alignment pins - C - must be located in
transmission housing.


Observe installation dimension - a - of shaft - A - =
approx. 23 mm.

- If necessary, carefully remove metal shavings on sensor
wheel - B - , however the sensor wheel must not be

- Remove paper seal between transmission oil pump and

- Remove paper seal remnants and clean the transmission.

- Clean sealing surfaces for transmission oil pump and

- install new paper seal between transmission oil pump and
transmission, secure with transmission oil if necessary.

Transmission oil pump, removing and installing

Page 169

sealing grease G 052 128 .

- Drive in new sealing ring to stop using drift sleeve 3158 .
Do not distort sealing ring when doing this.

- install stub shaft or flange shaft.

- Screw in new conical head bolt for securing stub shaft or
flange shaft and tighten to 30 Nm.

Vehicles with intermediate shaft

- Replace O-ring - 1 - for stub shaft.

- Grease splines on stub shaft using grease for clutch disc
splines G 000 100 .

- Guide intermediate shaft - B - through mounting bracket -
C - on to transmission stub shaft.

- Tightly bolt intermediate shaft to mounting bracket to

Sealing rings for flange shaft or stub shaft, replacing

Page 170

tightening torque - arrows -


Repair Manual, Suspension, Repair Group 40,

Continuation for all vehicles

- Install right drive axle


Repair Manual, Suspension, Wheels, Steering, Repair
Group 40, Servicing drive axles; removing and installing
drive axles

- Install right wheel


Repair Manual, Suspension, Wheels, Steering, Repair
Group 44,

- Replace transmission oil filter and change transmission oil
34-11, Transmission oil and filter for Direct Shift

Transmission (DSG), changing and checking oil level .

- Install noise insulation


Repair Manual, Body Exterior, Repair Group 66,
Wheelhousing liner, removing and installing; front
wheelhousing liner

Sealing rings for flange shaft or stub shaft, replacing

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