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Theresa, Carey's Grandmother.

Carey's memories of Theresa (his paternal grandmother) are of someone
who spoiled him as a child (she lived within walking distance). She would

give him "sugar sandwiches and egg and tomato 'mix' on fried bread,
much to my mother's alarm". He also recalls that she wore glasses with
one lens frosted, of which he was rather scared. This, coupled with her

size ("she was a large woman") made her a bit awesome to him.

Thomas Carey Jnr, who was a well read man with many interests
(watercolour painting, writing poetry, playing piano, foreign languages,
photography - to mention but a few), decided that his future was not to

be in cutlery and joined his two older brothers (Bertha Hamilton and
Sidney Charles) in the family 'mantle warehousing' business of Fisher

and Nephew. Better pay and prospects enabled a move of house (still in
Clockhouse Road) to a larger property with a larger garden.

Unfortunately, during the early years of the new century, Thomas and
Theresa gradually drifted apart until, in 1910, Thomas moved out having
taken up with another woman. The children remained with Theresa but

the split necessitated a move to a smaller house in Elm Road (still in

Thomas subsequently established a successful wholesale clothing
business in the City of London and was able to pay private school fees

for his children as well as regularly sending money to support his family.
He died of a heart attack aged 50, while fishing the Thames. Wife

Theresa died in 1950 and was buried with her husband, even though
they had lived apart for 40 years.

More research is currently being undertaken regarding 'Hanly and Floss',
Carey's father and mother, which will be included here in the future.

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