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Gallery Guide

Valeriano Bozal

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Ground Floor

of Goya's own times or
even less determined than
that. The master here is in
no way after a historical
reconstruction - any more
than he is in any other of
the "Black Paintings" - and
if he does hint at classical
iconography, he does so
only to underline his pre-
sent world of the turn of the

They are a mixed bunch
that are coming towards us.
There are beggars, work-
ingmen, fieldhands, the
well-heeled and the com-

fortably off, people from
every call and calling in
Life, for all qualities and
stations of people took part
in this celebration, as we
do too, for, willy-nilly, he
also sweeps us up into the
picture which not only
spills towards us but, by the
stares and glances of some
of the foreground figures,
draws us into its action and
scope by the eye language
dialogue that these stares
and glances provoke.
This last is a thing common
to the whole run of "Black


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Ground Floor

Paintings". Goya does not
offer here material to be
looked upon from without
but has cunningly made use
of elements in his composi-
tion that strike up an imme-
diate affinity between the
world of his works and that
of his spectators. A virtual
conversation is thus estab-
lished between the viewer
and the foreground beggars
in the procession. Their
movement into the Viewers
territory, their presence, stares

and gestures beg this of him,
beseech it, mutely impose it.

The technical elements
Goya uses to achieve these
effects are wonderfully plas-
tic. The group crowds out
the foreground and makes
itself the focal line to such
a degree that the sheer
weight of its density of feel-
ing, its ill-defined dimen-
sions, that left unseen, that
which might be - or be
coming -behind it quite
unsettles the spectator and,

this riveted, the eye clings
to what can be accomo-
dated and simply seen: the
celebrants themselves.


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