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Five Fingers

The Emerald District (C1) is the richest on Captain’s Isle and
the premiere entertainment district in Five Fingers. Vast
sums of wealth flow through the district every day, which is
home to the most prosperous gambling halls in Five Fingers.
Emerald is a favored place for visitors seeking diversion, and
as a result of the large amount of local and foreign traffic
it features a wide variety of restaurants, taverns, and other

Perhaps even more important than the sheer amount of
money passing through the Emerald District is the fact that
High Captain Hurley maintains a stranglehold on the area.
Hurley’s position in the Emerald District is so strong that
none of the other high captains or even the lord governor
attempt to contest his interests there.

There are too many gambling halls and taverns for most
people to keep track of, but several stand above the rest: the
High Sail, the Corsair’s Coin, and the Platinum Wheel are
premiere gambling halls. Though each offers a variety of
games and events, they tend to develop their own character
and own specialty offerings for visitors. The Drowned Man
Inn is Emerald’s most popular tavern, a three-story building
atop a converted Orgoth hold. They frequently feature shows
by local entertainers and musicians and offer excellent food.
Likewise, the bordellos in Emerald District are upscale
places and have more to offer than harlotry, including
friendly atmospheres, social gatherings, and other forms of

Rivergrav District (C2) is the busiest in Five Fingers.
Riverboats come and go at all hours, laborjacks move heavy
freight and supplies, and workers offload cargo. High
Captain Hurley holds great influence here, but there are many
operations and opportunities for wealth with all the ships
and cargo and other goings-on, and the other high captains
have a hand in it all, as does the crown and other parties like
the Mateu Merchant House and Mercarian League.

The famous Laden Galleon is an unusual gambling hall, a
massive galleon permanently dry-docked on the starboard
side of the piers. Dozens of lanterns of red and gold and green
are strung from its rigging, giving it and the surrounding

river a welcoming glow at night. The Laden Galleon is the
most successful gambling establishment in Five Fingers,
and King Baird spends considerable time there, earning it
nicknames like “The King’s Mistress.” The Laden Galleon
is home to the best gamblers on both sides of the table and
employs nearly one hundred people to meet the demands,
including a woman who is secretly one of King Baird’s
illegitimate daughters.

Though not quite as busy as Rivergrav, the Spiritgrav District
(C3) is the center of industry in Five Fingers. As its name
suggests, it is the foremost spirits-producing district in the
city and also produces most of the city’s sugar supply for local
use and export. Thousands are employed in the factories,
refineries, and distilleries. Laborjacks are constructed in the
Five Fingers ‘Jackworks and Dragon’s Maw Engines in the

district, as well, supported by a local
office of the Steam and Iron Workers
Union. Because of the difficulty in
acquiring cortexes, relatively few
laborjacks are produced each year.

The Ordic Beet Refinery is the largest
sugar beet refinery in Ord and alone
produces huge sums of money.
Much of the sugar is used in locally
produced rums and other spirits.
An old colossal lingers on the north
cliffs in the Spiritgrav District. A
relic of the Rebellion, it was ruined
by Orgoth counterattack and remains
poised to climb up the cliffs. Long
since scavenged for useful parts, the

Oldic Colossal has actually been used as support in a
system of rigs.

Captain’s Prow District (C4) is another extensive dock
district, but the majority of it tends to ocean trade rather
than riverboats. Many ships dock there in order to move
goods across the island to the Rivergrav, where they are
transported up the Dragon’s Tongue River. Much of High
Captain Kilbride’s wealth comes from the area, where only
Waernuk contests him for real influence. The district also
oversees oceangoing funerals. The Ocean Funeral Morgue
stores frozen bodies until it has enough to fill a funeral ship.

Prigione (C5) is the second-largest residential district in Five
Fingers after Chesake District on Hospice, home to many of
the city’s Tordorans. New construction builds upward by
necessity on an island, and in some places go up as high as
six stories in Prigione. Above even those stretch the Rigs,
winding their way over a confusing system of roads and
alleyways. The Broken Finger Bridge connects the district to
Hospice Island, but it isn’t heavily trafficked, as few people
willingly go to Hospice. Tension between Hurley’s men and
Waernuk’s gangs sometimes leads to violence in the area and
more than a few bodies end up in the channel. There is little
of note in the neighboring Masian District (C6), simply a run-
down residence with cheap housing. Evigan Crandle owns
the Crandle’s Pistolry, a place known for its custom weapons.

Captain’s Island






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The official center of government in Five Fingers is the
Governor’s District (C7), a relatively small district where
Lord Governor Eilish Doyle spends most of his time. The
City Courts and City Hall are located within the Governor’s
District. These places are well-kept and quiet thanks to
the presence of the Fingers Watch. The Five Fingers Watch
Central Barracks is located near City Hall where Doyle works
and brooks no trouble from criminals and gangs. All but the
most insane thugs and thieves simply avoid the Governor’s
District, though it is not free of corruption in the courts and
upper officers of the watch. Darvis Middleton, commander
of the Five Fingers Watch, is particularly corrupt.

Though not truly an official district, the Rigs hang over much
of Captain’s Isle. Technically, its residents are not official tax-
paying citizens. Gobbers and bogrin live among the hanging
ropes along with more than a few mad humans, and it’s
not a life for the faint of heart. The Rigs has developed into
something of a small town unto itself, complete with actual
structures secured among the rigging. There is even a tavern
called the Dangling Inn, owned by bogrin, which offers
rooms for rent and can even accommodate brave humans.

anchor island
High Captain Kilbride owns Anchor Island in all but name.
The population only numbers a couple hundred and all
work for Kilbride. He leveled the old constructions and set
up gates, watchtowers and a mansion on a leveled platform.

Along with this most trusted bodyguard, Kaelin Dirge,
Kilbride keeps a close eye on his estate and even the city
government doesn’t bother to challenge him there.

hoSpiCe iSland
Hospice (a.k.a., Beggar’s Isle) is a bleak place rife with crime,
disease, and squalor. The watch barely bothers patrolling
the area and violence is rampant. Once known as Southhold,
the island was devastated by the Beggar’s Plague in 536 AR.
Hospital tents sprang up all over the island and Morrowan
priests attempted to heal and contain the spread of disease,
but it was to no avail. Ever since, the foul water and horrible
sanitation has only helped spread disease, and even though
the population has grown crowded once more, conditions
have barely improved. Outbreaks of disease are still common.

Chesake Bourg (H1) is Hospice’s largest district, and has the
highest population of any district in the city. Most refer to
Chesake as New Warrens or the Beggar’s Maze, due to the
haphazard blend of rookeries and twisting roads. A central
street runs the length of the island, but it is often blocked
off by the crowded residences and run-down shelters.
Everywhere one looks, beggars huddle in alleyways or
languish in sickness in the streets and public squares. The
markets in Chesake, including the Haggler’s Square, Hospice
Swap Market, and Chesake Central Market, see as much
barter as they do actual sales.

Despite the troubles they’ve faced, there is a small and well-
maintained Church of Ascendant Rowan in Chesake, built
during the plague days and still standing strong. Chaplain
Bregald Milorno and his wife Sister Evelina Milorno lead the
mendicants and do their best to improve local conditions.
Theirs is an uphill struggle against rampant crime and to
counter the influence of the Thamarite septs operating in
the area. The Blocklathe Orphanage is in a similar boat,
attempting to shelter homeless beggars and their children
but incapable of making a real dent in the suffering. The
Menites there give services which some of the locals attend
simply for lack of anything better to do.

Connecting the Wake Isles is the Wake Bridge Bourg (H2),
home to the eponymous bridge. The buildings here go up
three stories, though they are poorly maintained and are
prone to catastrophic accidents. The only locale of real note
is the Bloody Market, a clearing wherein meats of all kinds
are bought and sold. A shop called the Chopping Block is the
main force in the market. Hagan Gaffer is one of Waernuk’s
seconds and owns the Chopping Block. While he is proud
of the reputations of his meats, he is also rumored to be
responsible for the disposal of bodies for Waernuk.

Five Fingers boasts a sizable population of displaced Radiz,
and the majority of them and the city’s Sinari live in camps on
Hospice (H3). While no place on the island is truly pleasant,
the camps are in better shape than most places on Hospice.
They host small fairs and celebrations occasionally and offer
unique foods and liquors sometimes sought after by outsiders,
as well as dance and theater, fortune-telling and games.

Lord GoVErNor
EiLisH doyLE

Lord Governor Eilish Doyle is a conscientious,
intelligent, and thorough bureaucrat tasked with
the unenviable job of maintaining order in the most
notoriously corrupt city in western Immoren. Though
disliked by many, Doyle is effective at his job, prospering
where few others would in managing a city impossible
to fully control. Fighting against the influence of
the high captains and widespread corruption in city
government, he manages to accomplish quite a bit
more than most people thought possible. Even so, the
lord governor is addicted to brackbrandy, a Cryxian
delicacy, a fact that few are aware of but his supply
nonetheless comes courtesy of High Captain Waernuk.
The lord governor’s addiction is not obvious or out of
control, but it is still a weakness that can be leveraged
against him by Waernuk.

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It takes more than street smarts and a hand cannon
to make it in the cities of the Iron Kingdoms,
where every smoke-filled alley is a path to new
adventure and danger lurks around every twist
and turn. No Quarter Presents: Iron Kingdoms
Urban Adventure pits bold fortune hunters against
the menace of western Immoren’s perilous cities
while arming them with a host of new careers,
spells, and equipment.

The first supplement for the Iron Kingdoms Full
Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game includes:

• A thrilling, full-length urban adventure

• An immersive city guide to the port city
of Five Fingers

• New urban careers and abilities

• New gear and alchemical items

• New laborjacks and laborjack equipment

• New encounters and monsters

• And much, much more!

ISBN: 978-1-933362-95-3
PIP NQIK1 • $21.99


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