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In addition to learning botany and anatomy, the medical student had to be versed
in magic and religion, two subjects that are conducive to medicine--student were,
after all, taught by priest-doctors. The Ancient Egyptians saw these priest-doctors
as having great power, knowing secrets in magic and having the ability to
commune with the gods, especially with Thoth, a doctor's guide, god of scribes,
and inventor of healing formulas. Other deities with which a priest-doctor
communed were Hathor and Taweret, aides in childbirth; Isis, protectress of the
liver and, in the form of Hathor, inventor of most healing remedies; Sekhmet,
destroyer and bringer of epidemics, the latter element a trait of her consort, Seth,
both having to be pacified to avoid those elements of their personalities; Horus
and Amun, curers of eye diseases; and many other deities.

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