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TitleLive Healed - Gloria Copeland
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K e n n e t h
C o p e l a n d

P u b l i c a t i o n s

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always there when we
need Him.

My life was sad before
I got filled with the Spirit. Even
though I was born again, I was
just struggling along. But once
Ken and I received everything
God has provided—not just the
new birth, but the Word and the
Baptism in the Holy Spirit—things
started turning around for us. Our
sick days were over. Our broke
days were over. Life started getting

Give Yourself a Little Test
Will God do for you the same

thing He did for Ken and me?

Certainly, He will.

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He is tender and merci-
ful toward you. He loves
you without reservation.

He loves you more than your wife,
your husband or your children do.
Nobody on earth can love you as
fully as God does. He is love!

“Yeah, but you don’t know the
bad stuff I’ve been doing,” some-
one might say. “The reason I’m sick
and defeated right now is because
I’ve been living a sinful lifestyle.”

Then repent! If you haven’t been
doing what’s right, receive God’s
forgiveness and get cleansed by
the blood of Jesus. Then take what
belongs to you in Christ which is
healing, health and well-being.

Truth be told, every believer needs

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We’re Here for You!®
Your growth in God’s WORD and your victory in Jesus are at
the very center of our hearts. In every way God has equipped
us, we will help you deal with the issues facing you, so you can
be the victorious overcomer He has planned for you to be.
The mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries is about all of us
growing and going together. Our prayer is that you will take
full advantage of all The LORD has given us to share with you.
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Jesus Is LORD!

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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