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Efficient spectrum usageEfficient spectrum usage

To get wider spectrum bandwidth up to 100MHz

• Aggregation of fragmented spectrums

• Sharing of fragmented spectrums among several

• Asymmetric UL and DL spectrum allocation

To attain another ‘bit/Hz’

• SU-MIMO for UL (2x2 or 2x4)

• Further enhancement of the current MIMO scheme


Reduced UE Reduced UE CComplexityomplexity, P, Power ower

Balance between the system performance

UE complexity, power consumption

• Peak power consumption of an UE will be higher

• Enhanced dynamic control of reception bandwidth
• A multi-carrier UL transmission mode by UE near the eNB

– Enabling discontinuous resource allocation
– Easy utilization of MLD at eNB receivers



AbréviationsAbréviations 1/1/

• ISIM: IMS Subscriber Identity Module
• USIM: Universal Subscriber Identity Module
• IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force
• S-TMSI: S-Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
• PLMN: Public Land Mobile Network
• SM: Session Management (Procédures de signalisation

entre terminal et MME pour la gestion de bearer)
• GMM: GPRS Mobility Management
• C-RNTI: Cell-Radio Network Temporary Identifier
• SCTP: Stream Control Transmission Protocol
• P-GW: PDN Gateway


AbréviationsAbréviations 2/2/

• PDN: Packet Data Network
• MGW: Media Gateway
• MGCF: Media Gateway Control Function
• CSCF: Call Session Control Function
• PCRF: Policy and Charging Rules Function
• PDF: Policy Decision Function
• CRF: Charging Rules Function
• MME: Mobility Management Entity
• HSS: Home Subscriber Server
• AAA: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
• CQI: Channel-Quality Indicator

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