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“I have raced and won in cars of all marques but I always had a special relationship with
Maserati: not only were the cars safe, reliable and always absolutely technically avant-garde,
but there was a very special friendship and atmosphere between myself and the marque,

I felt completely at home.”

Juan Manuel Fangio

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Active safety

Suspension Design

The design of the suspension architecture, including the shape and angles of the four-wheel independent control arms is an art form for Maserati. The independent

suspension system installed on the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible is remarkable in its precision, rigidity and motion range, all of which contribute to high handling limits

and superb road performance. Further enhanced with standard Skyhook active variable damping system, the Maserati suspension is designed to instantly and continuously

adjust the damping levels to the road conditions to retain its sharp handling character while allowing for a smooth and controlled ride quality.

Adaptive Headlamps

The Maserati GranTurismo Convertible features self-leveling Bi-Xenon gas discharge headlights for the brightest illumination. The Bi-Xenon headlights are enhanced further by

the new Adaptive Light Control system, a mechanism that makes the headlights turn in the direction of the car when driving around curves. This improves illumination of the road

and surrounding areas, and is therefore an important safety feature when travelling at night on winding roads. While the headlights are on, an electronic control unit monitors

the steering wheel and its angle, as well as the car’s speed. With this information the headlights activate special electric motors that rotate the light cones through angles of up

to 15° on the inside light and 7.5° on the outside during cornering. For safety reasons the system only works at speeds over 3 mph, the rotation angle becomes smaller between

56 and 75 mph and deactivates above 75 mph. The fog lights are separate units that are integrated into the front bumper, and provide a particularly broad beam. The rear light

units also feature LEDs. Some key advantages of LEDs are they illuminate quicker than ordinary light bulbs, are brighter, last longer, and use less energy.

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Maserati Stability Program (MSP)

The Maserati Stability Program (MSP), developed exclusively by Maserati, encompasses a series of

electronic systems that are designed to optimize the car’s dynamics and safety capabilities on the road.

The system has a series of sensors that can detect anomalies in the dynamic behavior of the car and,

by using the brakes and the engine the system automatically helps to stabilize the car.

The MSP system is designed to:

Maserati Standard Limited Slip Differential

Derived from racing, Maserati equips the GranTurismo Convertible with a standard Limited Slip Differential

which helps maximize available tract ion under power. A Limited Slip Differential overcomes the tendency

of a normal open differential to send all torque to one wheel with low grip—creating wheel spin. The

Limited Slip Differential effectively locks the two rear wheels together and delivers power to each. The

result is maximum acceleration—in both straight line driving as well as in cornering.

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©2010 Maserati North America. All rights reserved. The illustrations and texts contained in this brochure are based

on the information available at the time of printing and do not contain a description of specific characteristics of the

car by the Manufacturer. Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available

after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colors, designs and technical features at any

time and without prior notice. Contact your authorized Maserati Dealer for further details.

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