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TitleMemorandum and Articles of Association of Shumbusho and Associates Consulting (T) Limited
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2. The number of members with which the company proposes to be registered is

three, but the directors may from time to time register an increase of
members. The first company directors shall be

3. The membership shall constitute three membership types; these are,

(i) Subscribers to the memorandum of association and such other persons as
the directors shall admit to membership shall be full members of the

(ii) Corporate entities subscribed as “partners” shall be associate members
(iii) Individual consultants subscribed as “associate consultants” shall be

associate members.


4. The Company shall in each year hold a general meeting as its annual general

meeting in addition to any other meetings in that year, and shall specify the
meeting as such in the notice calling it; and not more than thirteen months
shall elapse between the date of one annual general meeting of the company
and that of the next.

Provided that so long as the company holds its first annual general meeting
within thirteen moths of its incorporation, it need not hold it in the year of its
incorporation. The annual general meeting shall be held at such time and
place, as the directors shall appoint.

5. All general meetings other than annual general meetings shall be called

Special General Meetings.

6. The directors may, whenever they think fit, convene a special general
meeting, or under requisition, or in default, as provided by section 133 of the
Act. If at any time there are not within the Tanzania sufficient directors
capable of acting to form a quorum, any director or any two members of the
company may convene an extraordinary general meeting in the same manner
as nearly as possible as that in which meeting may be convened by the


7. Every general meeting shall be called by fourteen clear days’ notice in writing

at the least. The notice shall specify the place, the day and hour of meeting
and, in case of special business agenda, the information of that business:

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