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30 (1) Seven days notice of an Extra ordinary General meeting and twenty one days notice

at the least of an Annual General Meeting Exclusive of the day on which the notice is

served or deemed to be served and exclusive of the day for which the notice is given

specifying the placing, the day and the hour of meeting shall be given in manner

hereinafter mentioned or in such other manner, if any, as may be prescribed by the

Company in General Meeting to the Members but the accidental commission to give

notice to or non-receipt of notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings at

any General Meetings.

2) A General Meeting may be called after giving shorter notice than that specified

in clause (1), if consent is accorded therto.

i) In the case of an Annual General Meeting by all the members entitled to vote

thereat and

ii) In the case of any other meeting by members of the Company holding not less

than 95 percent of such part of the paid up capital of the company as gives a right to

vote at the meeting provided that where any member of the Company are entitled to

vote only on some resolution to be moved at a meeting and not on the others, those

members shall be taken into account for the purposes of this sub-clause in respect of

the former resolutions and not in respect of the latter.


31. Subject to the provisions of the Act,

1) Any General Meeting may resolve that any moneys, investments, or other assets

forming part of the undivided profits of the Company including profits or surplus moneys

arising from realization of any capital assets of the Company standing to the credit of

the Reserve Fund or any other Fund of the Company or in hands of the Company and

available for dividend or representing the premiums received on the issue of share,

and standing to the credit of the share premium account be capitalized.:

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