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eulogy, Apion was a popular figure. The handwriting is a good specimen of the

large upright cursive not seldom found in the official documents of the period.

Xalpe, Kvpii fiov 'Attloou, ^iXoadpaTTis

cr€ Trpoaayopivco €vyop.iv6s (re crco^ecrdai

TravoiKrj(TLa koI ev StdyeLV.

OTL ov ixovoi r]/ ixepvrj/xedd crov dWd
5 Kal avTol -q/xcof 01 TrdrpLOL OeoL, rovro

SrjXov dnacnu, [TdTlTrao-a yap rjficoy rj -qXi-

Kia kv Tols arepvoL^ ere ivepKpepeL, /xe-

fivr]p.kvrj Trj^ dyadrjs crov irpoaipe-

crecus'. nepl tS>v diro irarpiSo^ aoi ^peico-

10 Scof, Kvpie fiov, eTTicTTeXXe fioi r]Si-

0)9 'i^oPTi, 70.9 ydp kvToXd^ crov rjSLCTTa

'iyjav coy ydpna^ Xr]fi\l/ofi,ai. npocrayo-

pev(o Tor d^ioXoycoTarop

yov 'flpLcoua. (2nd h.) eppcoadai ere ev)(0fiai,

15 Kvpii fxov ^p-qarl Kal ivy^ueaTare

'Anicov, 8id fiiov ev SidyouTa

IJied' U)u T]8io}^ Sidyei?.

On the verso

(ist h.) 'Arricovi yv}xva(TLdp)(^uiL o-TpaT-qyTqaai/Ti 'AvTaionoXeLTOV

(andh,?) 7r{apa)] ^iXoaapd-rriSos kvdp^ov
20 Up^oTTOLov AuTaiov7r6X{ecos).


Greeting, my lord Apion, I, Philosarapis, salute you, praying that you may be
preserved and prosper with all your household. That not only we but also our ancestral

gods themselves hold you in memory is clear to all ; for our whole youth carries you in
their hearts, remembering your goodwill. Send to me about anything that you need from
home, my lord, and it will be a pleasure ; for I shall be most pleased to accept your
commands as favours. I salute the most estimable gymnasiarch Horion. I pray for your
health, my kind and noblest lord Apion, and your lifelong prosperity with those with whom
it pleases you to live. (Addressed) To Apion, gymnasiarch and ex-strategus of the
Antaeopolite nome, from Philosarapis, sacrificial magistrate in office of Antaeopolis.'


: cf. P. Giessen 66. 13 i'vapxos Uponoios, Otto, Priesier tind Tempelx. 163,

Plaumann, Plolemais 96, Oertel, Liturgie 339.

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1665. Letter of a Gymnasiarch.

28-6 X 9-2 cm. Third century.

In this letter Aurelius Sarapion, a gymnasiarch, reminds his 'father'

Claudius of a promise to let him have 40 metretae of oil when his turn came to

supply oil for the gymnasium (cf. 1. 5, n.), and asks that this promise should now
be made good in order that oil borrowed for the occasion from friends might be

repaid to them.

A[vprj\{LOS;) S]apanicoi' [Avprj\{ia))

KXav[Sia)L] tcoi naT[pl iroXXa


Ka6(b^ Kat nap6y[T]L aoi kut oxj/ip

5 ^TTjadfxrju e/y ay fxeXX(o )(^pi-

Lv Tjfiipas kXaiov fierp-qras

TiaraapaKovTa, ovs Kal KaO 7]U

e^eiy -rrpos cjwe dyaOrjp irpoai-

peaip u7rea-)([o]v, vvv ovv ttjs

10 ^p€Las IJ.€ Karenei^dar)^

(Tol dappcov ea^oi' napd 0tAcor
et/ -^prjo-^L Tovs peTpr]Ta9

TidcrapaKOvra eni t<S avTov^

aTTOKaTaaTrjaaL. dvayKams

1 5 ovv, eav exi napa aeavTco

)(/)[r]oj/ e^J^y, SrjXcoaov rj t£

vm aov rj <o kav av (3ov-
Xt) T0VT0V9 pot kv Td)(ei

7rapa[(T])(€'iy , npbs to Kdpk
20 dTr[o\KaTaaTri(Tai T019 iv-^prj-

ffTTJaacri fxoi ^1X019, r^y tl-

fifj^ k^avTTJ? pera^aXXo-

pivrj^ vn kpov c6 kdv 80-

Kipda-r]9. dX[X'] opa pf] dpeXrj-

25 crj;y, pi] So^co Sta^dXXeiu

Toil? duOpdoTTOvs. (2nd h.) kppooaOai

ae ev^opaL Kard voviv) Sidyou Ta .

On the verso

(ist h.) AvpT]]X{i^) KXavSiOii -n^apd) Avpr}X{(ov) XapaTTicovo^ yvp{yaaidp')(^ov).

4. 1. napovTa ae. II. <j)iKi 2 2. ntTa(3d)CXofifVT]s. 25. /x of />tj; COrr.

' Aurelius Sarapion lo his father Aurelius Claudius, many greetings. As when I saw

you I requested from you for the days when I have to provide it 40 metretae of oil, which
in accordance with your goodwill towards me you promised, so now, when the need has
come upon me, in reliance upon you 1 have borrowed from friends the 40 metretae on the
condition that I restore them. Perforce therefore, if you still have with you any unguent,
instruct your son or any one else you wish to supply me with them speedily, so that I may
make restitution to the friends who lent to me, the value to be handed over by me at once
to any one approved by you. See that you do not neglect this, lest I should appear to be

deceiving these persons. I pray for your health and success. (Addressed) To Aurelius
Claudius from Aurelius Sarapion, gymnasiarch.'

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