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TitlePR-1709 - Lifting and Hoisting Procedure Lift Planning Execution
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Table of Contents
                            i Document Authorisation
ii Revision History
iii Related Business Processes
iv Related Corporate Management Frame Work (CMF) Documents
1. Introduction
	1.1 Purpose
	1.2 Scope
	1.3 Terminology
2. Roles and Responsibilities
3. Lift Planning and Execution
	3.1 Defining the lift
	3.2 Planning
	3.3 Execution
	3.4 Reacting to changing conditions
	3.5 Learn and Record
4. Application & Step-Out Aproval
	4.1 Application
	4.2 Step-out and Approval
	Appendix 1, Risk Matrix
	Appendix 2, Sample Lift Plan
	Appendix 3, Specific Requirements for Execution of Lifting Operations
	Interim Amendment 1709_0615_02
	Appendix 5, 10 Questions for a safe lift
	Interim Amendment 1709_0412_01

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