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khecari mudra, and the vishesharghya patra udvasana and shanti slokas are chanted.
Therefor the said action is superfluous in this karma.

4. After concluding pooja and udavasana of invoked deity by Khecari mudra,
how pancha pooja is to be done?


The five elemental services (Upacaras) are to be done mentally to the deity present in
our heart only as in the Japa karma, the physical offering is not needed.

5. If pooja is happens to be continued for 2 or more days how bali is to be
done? Is it daily, or on the last day during uthvasanam?


As seen in the last issue, pooja are nitya and naimittika, they have to be concluded then
and there in the time line specified, so this question doesn‟t arise. However if pooja is
kept for more than a day each day‟s navivedya will have the corresponding bali dana.
For more clarity please ask for personal guidance from Sri Guru, since the tantras are
silent on this aspect.

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âí¢í£ ò¤óî¢î£í¢´ «ò£èñ¢ Þ¼è¢è¤Âñ¢

èí¢í£ó¢ ܺùè¢ èí¢ìø¤ õ£ó¤ô¢¬ô

àí¢í£®è¢ °÷¢«÷ å÷¤»ø «ï£è¢è¤ù£ô¢

èí¢í£® «ð£ôè¢ èôï¤ù¢ ø£«ù

- ñï¢î¤óñ¢ 603

Eight thousand years of yOgA dear
Might not take you to Him near
Light you seek within you clear
Right like mirror you merge full gear

Translation poem of Thirumanthiram verse 603

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