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                            Cadbury Milestones
	Cadburys manufacturing facility at Malanpur :
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Executive Summary

Job satisfaction represents the constellations of person’s attitude towards or about the job.

In general, job satisfaction is the attitude towards the job as a whole. Job satisfaction is a

function of satisfaction with different aspects of job, i.e. supervision, pay, works itself, co-

workers, promotion, etc., and of the particular weighting or importance one attaches to these

respective components.

Employee job Satisfaction was a much popularized subject during the 1980’s and 1990’s, where

much of the literature (Stoner & Wankel, 1986; Brewster, Dowling, Grobler, Holland & Warnich,

2000), focused on the link between Employee Satisfaction and Employee Performance.

Subsequent research has, however, proven that this link is not particularly strong, (Kreitner &

Kinicki, 2005; Ivancevich & Matteson, 2002). What recent research has confirmed is that there is

a clear reciprocal relationship between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction (Kraut,

1996). For example, one of the most detailed studies undertaken was that carried out by Heskett,

Sasser and Schlesinger (1995). The authors point out that, “When companies put employees and

customers first, their employees are satisfied, their customers are loyal, their profits increase, and

their continued success is sustained” (as cited in Bailey & Dandrade, 1997).

The concept of Employee Satisfaction can be traced back to Edward Thorndike, who in the early

1900’s published an article in the Journal of Applied Psychology where he explored the

relationship between work and satisfaction. The concept of Employee Satisfaction has certainly

been researched very thoroughly over the years and has been linked to many other issues like

employee loyalty, employee commitment, employee engagement and job satisfaction.

One of the most quoted theorists is Hertzberg who during the 1950’s developed his theory which

identified two dimensions of satisfaction, namely motivation and hygiene. Hertzberg maintained

that the hygiene factors could not motivate employees but rather helped minimize dissatisfaction

levels if addressed. These hygiene factors include topics such as; company policies, supervision,

salary, interpersonal relationships and working conditions. The motivating factors addressed

topics such as: the work itself, achievement, recognition, responsibility, and advancement. If

continuously good levels are maintained in respect of these topics, a motivated work force is


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The above table shows that

 68.33% are above 10 years of experience in CADBURY INDIA LIMITED.

 20% of the respondents are 6 – 10 years of experience.

 11.66% of the respondents are less than 6 years of experience.



Man work to earn every employee in the organization will expect adequate pay to be paid for the

job done by him. The reasonable pay for each job which is performed in the organization. This

scale of pay may help for the job satisfaction to a greater extent.

Monthly Salary of the employees
Monthly Salary Frequency Percentage
Less than or equal to Rs 10000 7 11.66666667
Rs. 10001 – 15000 18 30
More than or equal to Rs. 15001 35 58.33333333
Total 60 100

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The above table reveals that

 58.33% of the employees have their monthly salary above Rs.15001.

 30% of the employees have their monthly salary between Rs.10001 – Rs.15000.

 11.66% of the employees have their monthly salary below Rs 10000.


Table showing employee’s opinion about the nature of their work.

Your work is very challenging one

Description Frequency Percentage
Strongly agree 21 35
Agree 30 50
Neutral 8 13.333333
Disagree 0 0
Strongly disagree 1 1.6666667
Total 60 100

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I DEEPA TRIPATHI declare that this project report titled “STUDY


original work done by me under the guidance of Ms. GUNJAN

SHARMA (H.R.executive). I further declare that it is my original work as

a part of my academic course.



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