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Credits / Table of Contents
	Ship-to-Ship Combat
	Nautical Weapons
	Plundering Ships
	More Adventures on the High Seas
Ships of the Inner Sea
	Sailing the Inner Sea
		Nautical Terms
			Parts of a Ship
		Ships on the Sea
			Traders and Raiders
		Sailing the Seas
			Trade Routes
			Obstacles and Natural Hazards
			Dangerous Regions
		Map: Sailing the Inner Sea
	Burnt Saffron
		Sidebar: Ship Statistics
		Map: Burnt Saffron
		Sidebar: Ship’s Crew
		Ship Description
			1. Sterncastle
			2. Forecastle
			3. Main Deck
			4. Wardroom
			5. Captain’s Quarters
			6. Stairwell
			7. Firing Deck
			8. Officers’ Quarters
			9. Crew Quarters
			10. Galley
			11. Secondary Hold
			12. Rowing Benches
			13. Main Hold
		Sidebar: Ship’s Tactics
		Adventure Hooks
		Key NPCs
		Sidebar: Ship Statistics
		Map: Cetaceal
		Sidebar: Ship’s Crew
		Ship Description
			1. Poop Deck
			2. Waist Deck
			3. Wardroom/Officers’ Quarters
			4. Captain’s Stateroom
			5. Forecastle Deck
			6. Firing Deck
			7. Aft Crew Quarters and Galley
			8. Forward Crew Quarters and Stowage
			9. Bilge
		Sidebar: Ship’s Tactics
		Adventure Hooks
		Key NPCs
		Sidebar: Ship Statistics
		Map: Hu-Hazhong
		Sidebar: Ship’s Crew
		Ship’s Description
			1. Poop Deck
			2. Main Deck
			3. Captain’s Cabin
			4. Sailing Master’s Cabin
			5. Alchemical Lab
			6. Galley
			7. Crew Bunks
			8. Aft Cargo Hold
				8a. Aft Cargo Compartments
				8b. Flooded Cargo Compartment
				8c. Smuggler’s Compartments
			9. Armory
				9a. Forward Cargo Compartments
			10. Magazine
			11. Officers’ Cabin
				11a. Officer’s Storage
		Sidebar: Ship’s Tactics
		New Fireworks
		Adventure Hooks
		Key NPCs
		Sidebar: Ship Statistics
		Map: Impervious
		Sidebar: Ship’s Crew
		Ship Description
			1. Foredeck
			2. Crow’s Nests
			3. Poop Deck
			4. Waist Deck
			5. Wardroom
			6. Captain’s Cabin
			7. Balcony
			8. State Room (Peravali’s Quarters)
			9. Galley and Cook’s Quarters
			10. Main Deck
			11. Officers’ Quarters
			12. Hellknights’ Quarters
			13. Brig
			14. Stowage
			15. Aft Crew Berthing
			16. Armory
			17. Fore Crew Berthing
			18. Cargo Hold
		Adventure Hooks
		Sidebar: Ship’s Tactics
		Key NPCs
	Kraken's Spite
		Sidebar: Ship Statistics
		Map: Kraken's Spite
		Ship Description
			1. Bow
			2. Rowing Benches
			3. Steerboard
			4. Steermaster’s Retreat
		Treasures of Arcadia
		Sidebar: Ship’s Crew
		Sidebar: Ship’s Tactics
		Adventure Hooks
		Key NPCs
	Mark of Yunnarius
		Sidebar: Ship Statistics
		Map: Mark of Yunnarius
		Ship Description
			1. Poop Deck
			2. Waist Deck
			3. Captain’s Quarters
			4. Wardroom
			5. Ballroom
			6. Wasted Stores
			7. “Living” Quarters
			8. Mess
			9. Valuables Holds
			10. Main Hold
			11. Brig
			12. Crew’s Berths
			13. Quartermaster
			14. Officer’s Armory
			15. Officer’s Quarters
		Sidebar: Ship’s Crew
		Sidebar: Ship’s Tactics
		Adventure Hooks
		Additional Haunt
		Key NPCs
	Ravishing Ruby
		Map: Ravishing Ruby
		Sidebar: Ship Statistics
		Sidebar: Ship’s Crew
		Ship Description
			1. Foredeck
			2. Poop Deck
			3. Topside Storage
			4. Twistclaw’s Cabin
			5. Waist Deck
			6. Officers’ Cabin
			7. Wardroom
			8. Captain’s Cabin
			9. Crew’s Hold
			10. Crew’s Quarters
			11. Firing Deck
			12. Mess
			13. Livery
			14. Brig
			15. Main Hold
			16. Armory
			17. Captain’s Stash
		Sidebar: Ship’s Tactics
		Adventure Hooks
		Key NPCs
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Document Text Contents
Page 35

tfl er Infernal Majestrix's ship is a Chelish

l� man-o' -war. Built just before the infamous
blockade of Pezzack began, this four-masted

vessel has seen service on a number of missions in

support of Chelish interests. The sails under

the command of Vorrea Talminari, a stern and merciless

captain who earned her reputation for bravery, cleverness,

and ruthlessness while maintaining the blockade. Whether

keeping the fires of rebellion in check or driving the

scourge of piracy from the seas, the is an

unmistakable symbol of the influence Queen Abrogail II

holds even far from her throne in Egorian.

The second ship of its class, the keel was first laid

in 4689 AR, but delays in construction prevented completion

until the middle of 469i. At the time, Chelish officials claimed

the delays were the result of insurgent sabotage, but most

laypeople blamed the problems on inefficient bureaucrats

and supply line problems. The truth lies somewhere in

between, as both reasons contributed to the delay.

When the was at last ready to sail, the ship's

crew was hand-chosen from the best, most loyal sailors in

the Imperial fleet. They departed almost immediately upon

completion of their initial maneuvers to patrol the Hespereth

Strait. In 4710, the was reassigned to join Governor

Sawndannac's fleet in the blockade of Pezzack. The man-o' -

war was a critical part of the blockade and remained in the

area for nearly 2 years, destroying a dozen blockade runners

and capturing at least twice that many.

On 22 Neth, 4712, the attacked an unnamed,

unflagged ship that attempted to enter Pezzack. The

mysterious ship's crew was obviously ready for a fight,

and the captain was slain in battle. His second­

in-command, Commander Vorra Talminari, took charge

and led the Chelish crew to victory. Every member of the

enemy ship who survived the battle used poisoned tooth

capsules to commit suicide, leaving no explanation of why

they were trying so hard to get into Pezzack.

For her skill and valor, the brave commander was given

command and the noble title of Paracountess.

The ship was recalled for debriefing about the strange battle,

modified with additional upgrades to its armaments and

defenses, and then reassigned to the waters west of Garund,

where it defends Chelish trade and hunts pirates who would

steal cargo and privateers who would attempt to free slaves.

The has a contingent of Hellknights aboard,

but the crew isn't exactly sure why. Only the captain and

Paralictor Karross Venn know, but they aren't saying. The

ship's priest, Lector Rotrovio Peravali, is quite unhappy about

being left out of the loop. As a result, he barely manages

to show the Hellknight paralictor a modicum of respect.

Peravali's lack of information on the Hellknights'

motivations is a source of amusement to the entire crew,

who are largely distrusting of the secretive Asmodean priest.


Sl?ips �f tl?e Iuuer Sea

If used in the Skul l & Shackles Adventure
Impervious has the following ship statistics.


Chel ish man-o'-war (sa i l i ng sh ip)

Colossal sh ip

Squares 4 (40 ft. by 1 20 ft.); Cost 131,300 gp

lnit +1

AC 21 ; Hardness 14

hp 3,321 (sa i l s 1 ,280)

Save +1 5

Maximum Speed 90 ft. (wind); Acceleration 30 ft.

Ranged 16 mwk l ight ba l l istae +12 (4d6)

CMB +27; CMD 37

Ramming Damage 1 0d8

Propulsion wind or current

Sailing Check Profession (sa i lor)

Control Device steering wheel (hp 50, hardness 1 0)

Means of Propulsion 160 squares of sai ls (4 masts)

Decks 5

Cargo/Passengers 105 tons/132 passengers

Captain Paracountess Vorrea Talminari (LN fema le

midd le-aged human magus"M 16; see page 39)

Commander Andrei Leggaldi (LE male human

aristocrat 2/expert 3/fighter 9)

Lector Rotrovio Peravali (LE male human cleric of

Asmodeus 14; see page 38)

Lieutenant Gerida Markoli (LE female human fighter 5)

100 Chel ish mari nes (LN human ranger [skirmisherAPG] 6)

58 officers and sai lors

Armaments 16 mwk l ight bal l i stae"' with 400 bolts

Modifications addit ional crew quarters, broad rudder,

extended keel, fig urehead (1,000 gp), magica l ly

treated control device, magical ly treated hu l l,

magica l ly treated sai ls, ram, rapid-deploy sai ls,

s i lk sa i ls, sturdy hu l l, wooden plat ing

Cargo 6 points of p lunder

The lector has the reputation aboard as being a spy for

someone in the church of Asmodeus or political parties

in Egorian, and the fact that it's openly known that he

can't discern this particular secret makes him even more

dedicated to whatever true mission the church of Asmodeus

has assigned him aboard the

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