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Lean Six Sigma
Yellow Belt

Version 1.0

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Lean Six Sigma

Yellow Belt


LSS Yellow Belt v1.0


Welcome to the

Lean Six Sigma

Yellow BeltYellow Belt


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LSS Yellow Belt v1.0

Example of a Cause-Effect diagram

Speed of AnswerSpeed of Answer

is Too Slowis Too Slow


SSyysstteemmss EEnnvviirroonnmmeenntt

Marketing EventsMarketing Events

Routing AlgorithmRouting Algorithm

Statement CyclesStatement Cycles

VRU ScriptingVRU Scripting

Computer DesktopComputer Desktop

Workplace OrganizationWorkplace Organization

Visual ManagmentVisual Managment

Fax LocationsFax Locations


Technical TrainingTechnical Training

Typing SpeedTyping Speed

Spirit TrainingSpirit Training

Hiring ScoreHiring Score

Customer IQCustomer IQ

Customer Service ExperienceCustomer Service Experience

Computer SkillsComputer Skills

Coaching FrequencyCoaching Frequency

Sales TrainingSales Training

Soft Skills TraiingSoft Skills Traiing

Reference PreferenceReference Preference
(Manual vs. Web)(Manual vs. Web)

Previous Customer ExperiencesPrevious Customer ExperiencesMonthly Econ. CyclesMonthly Econ. Cycles

Day of the weekDay of the week

Customer Mood/AttitudeCustomer Mood/Attitude

World EventsWorld Events

Time of DayTime of Day

Long Term Economic CyclesLong Term Economic Cycles

Economic EventsEconomic Events

Natural DisastersNatural Disasters

Systems hardwareSystems hardware

Switch AlgoritmsSwitch Algoritms

Network StabilityNetwork Stability

Computer DesktopComputer Desktop

Infrastructure CapabilityInfrastructure Capability

Systems availabilitySystems availability

Network SpeedNetwork Speed

Policies & ProceduresPolicies & Procedures

Soft Skills TrainingSoft Skills Training


LSS Yellow Belt v1.0

Check Sheets

A structured tool for collecting data

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LSS Yellow Belt v1.0

Types of Data


LSS Yellow Belt v1.0

Continuous Data

It is measurable data.

It is data that can theoretically be subdivided and measured in
smaller and smaller units.

Based on required precision, we decide the number of decimal

Small amount of data is required to draw valid conclusions


The length of a cable

Thickness of a wire

Downtime of a LAN server

The average repair time of a machine

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S & A Hot DogsS & A Hot Dogs
Time ExerciseTime Exercise

Sasha and Andy have opened a hot dog stand at their local park. They offer a hot dog with
choice of fresh fruit and beverage to walk up customers between 10 AM and 2 PM. Customers
put on their own condiments. Customers say their hot dogs are good, but the wait is a little

After two weeks, they have a brisk, and growing business. Andy and Sasha notice they are

barely keeping up with the customer demand, and making a little money after buying theirsupplies at the end of each day. They would like to improve their process to meet growing
customer demand. They collected the following average data for their business processes
and need help analyzing it.

Process step Data for average day T/O*
Sasha takes orders, collects the

60 sec spent taking customer order
money, and chats with the walk up

1 50 customers per day
customers. Tacks onto order-in

Average order is for 2 dog/fruit/beverage combos

2 Order on Order-in Board Order-in spends 30 sec on board
Andy gets order from board. If dogs
are ready, Andy starts to fill order. Average time Andy spends cooking a hot dog is 50

Otherwise he adds more dogs to sec.
the grill.

Andy puts dog in bun, wraps it in
Takes 20 sec per dog, about half the time spent

4 foil, adds fruit of choice, & puts in
adding fruit and putting in serving container.

serving container.

If order isn’t complete, Andy
repeats steps 4. Otherwise he puts

5 10 sec per dog
order onto counter and returns to
step 3.

6 Order sits on counter for Sasha Order spends 30 sec on counter
10 sec per order

7 Sasha checks the order
10% of the orders returned to Andy

8 Sasha adds beverage 10 sec per order
Sasha calls customer to stand,

9 30 sec per customer
delivers order and chats a bit

Andy sets up his work area,
10 10 min each hour

keeping it clean and stocked

Sasha fills up condiments, keeps

11 serving counter clean, and bags 10 min each hour

Cycle Time

* T/O = Time per order in seconds. Include rework time.

As a first step, they have asked that you draw a process map for the above 11 Process Steps
listed in the left hand columns. Later you will work with the data.

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