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TitleSJ-20110907140552-026-NetNumen U31 R52(V12.11.30)System Topology Management Operation Guide
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Table of Contents
                            About This Manual
Chapter 1 Topology Management Overview
	1.1 Topology Management Functions
	1.2 Definition of Some Topology Management Terms
	1.3 Introduction to the Topology Management Window
		1.3.1 Opening the Topology Management Window
		1.3.2 Introduction to the Topology Management Window
	1.4 Implicit Prerequisites
Chapter 2 Customization of GUI Elements
	2.1 Customizing the Node Icon
	2.2 Customizing the Link Pattern
	2.3 Customizing the Status Icon
	2.4 Customizing the Status Color
	2.5 Customizing the Status Order
	2.6 Customizing the Node Callout
	2.7 Customizing the Alarm Display Mode
	2.8 Customizing Other Elements
Chapter 3 Operations on the Topology Management View
	3.1 Refreshing the Topology Data
	3.2 Viewing the Statistical Information of a Node
	3.3 Setting Coordinates Synchronization
	3.4 Viewing and Operating the NE Alarm Monitoring Table
	3.5 Viewing and Operating the Important Alarm Monitoring Table
	3.6 Exporting and Importing a GUI Display Style
Chapter 4 Common Topology Management Operations
	4.1 Setting a Node Profile
	4.2 Setting the Members of a Node
	4.3 Navigating to the Fault Management Window
	4.4 Navigating to the Performance Management Window
	4.5 Opening the MML Terminal for a Network Element
	4.6 Viewing the Alarm Count of a Node
	4.7 Viewing the NE Agent Information
Chapter 5 Operations on the Network Element Tree
	5.1 Introduction to the Network Element Tree
	5.2 Searching for a Node on the NE Tree
	5.3 Filtering Resources by Type
Chapter 6 Topology Graph Management
	6.1 Configuring the Map
	6.2 Map Layer Operations
		6.2.1 Navigating to the Upper Layer
		6.2.2 Expanding and Collapsing a Node on the Current Map Layer
		6.2.3 Expanding and Collapsing All Nodes on the Current Map Laye
		6.2.4 Navigating to the Lower Layer
	6.3 Using the Toolbar Buttons
		6.3.1 Dragging the Topology Graph
		6.3.2 Locking and Unlocking Nodes
		6.3.3 Setting the Network Layout Mode
		6.3.4 Changing the Map Layer
		6.3.5 Searching for a Topology Node
		6.3.6 Viewing the Topology Graph on Full Screen
		6.3.7 Exporting the Topology Graph
		6.3.8 Viewing the Topology Information in Table
		6.3.9 Configuring the Content Displayed in the Topology Manageme
		6.3.10 Showing or Not Showing the Area of Legend Tab
		6.3.11 Configuration for Filtering Topology Nodes
Chapter 7 Network Element Agent Management
	7.1 Overview of Network Element Agent Operations
	7.2 Creating an NE Agent Node
	7.3 Starting an NE Agent
	7.4 Starting an NE Agent on Background
	7.5 Enabling NE Management Functions
	7.6 Stopping an NE Agent
	7.7 Viewing the Attributes of an Existing NE Agent
	7.8 Modifying the Attributes of an NE Agent
	7.9 Deleting an NE Agent
	7.10 Synchronizing Configuration Data from an NE Agent
	7.11 Querying the NE Agent Log
Chapter 8 Network Element Management
	8.1 Opening the Rack Diagram
	8.2 Measuring the Distance Between Two NEs
	8.3 Virtual Network Element Operations
		8.3.1 Overview of Virtual Network Element
		8.3.2 Creating a Virtual NE
		8.3.3 Modifying the Attributes of a Virtual NE
		8.3.4 Deleting a Virtual NE
		8.3.5 Viewing the Attributes of an Existing Virtual NE
	8.4 Virtual Link Operations
		8.4.1 Overview of Virtual Link
		8.4.2 Creating a Virtual Link
		8.4.3 Modifying the Attributes of a Virtual Link
		8.4.4 Deleting a Virtual Link
		8.4.5 Viewing the Attributes of an Existing Virtual Link
Chapter 9 Group Management
	9.1 Group Overview
	9.2 Creating a Type Group
	9.3 Create Location Group
	9.4 Modifying the Attributes of an Existing Group
	9.5 Deleting a Group
	9.6 Viewing the Attributes of an Existing Group
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NetNumen™ U31 R52
Unified Element Management System

Topology Management Operation Guide

Version: V12.11.30

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R1.0 2012-02–15 First Edition

Serial Number: SJ-20110907140552-026

Publishing Date: 2012-02-15 (R1.0)

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Chapter 5 Operations on the Network Element Tree


1. On the NE tree, click , and the Filter By Resource Type dialog box opens, listing
NEs, NE groups and links by type.

2. Select the resource types to be viewed on the topology graph and the NE tree.


The EMS Server node cannot be filtered out.

3. Click OK.

– End of Steps –


SJ-20110907140552-026|2012-02-15 (R1.0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential

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NetNumen™ U31 R52 Topology Management Operation Guide

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SJ-20110907140552-026|2012-02-15 (R1.0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential

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- Network Element Management System

- File Transfer Protocol

- Graphical User Interface

- Internet Protocol

- JAVA 2 platform Enterprise Edition

- Key Performance Indicator

- Man Machine Language

- Network Element


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