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Well equipment and well
construction materials in

stainless and steel, HAGULIT®

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Stainless steel HAGULIT® Connections

Stainless steel is corrosion- and heat-
resistant, meets high mechanical demands
and withstands chemical agents. Stainless
steel is an ideal material for long-term use
in aggressive waters.

However, even stainless steel can corrode
if the surface has not been properly trea-
ted or if the material grade is not properly
�t for the respective media. Appropriate
surface treatment of the �nished product
is essential to give stainless steel materials
the necessary resistance.

We only treat surfaces after all other
work has been completed (i.e. moul-
ding, cutting, welding). The pickling and
subsequent passivating is performed at
our own facilities or those of our partners,
using up-to-date techniques. This enables
us to ensure that our stainless steel pro-
ducts are of the utmost quality.

We stock all stainless steel grades nor-
mally used in well construction and are
pleased to assist you in selecting the right
material grade for your application.

Progressive technology and solid exper-
tise are the best guarantees for high-
quality products. Turnaround times are
also considerably reduced thanks to our
well-stocked inventory and our �exible
production arrangements.

The HAGULITfi coating is the result of our
own long standing research, driven by
our Client�s needs for well construction
products made out of steel and having
a nearly unlimited and maintenance free

Casings and screens are coated with an
especially developed epoxy-based pow-
der. The coating process is performed
using the �uidised-bed-coating process,
being a leading-edge technology. The
high qualities of the end products are en-
sured by monitoring all critical parameters
continuously during the coating process.

HAGULITfi offers the following

• Safe transport and installation due
to the extreme surface hardness of the
coating, hence high impact resistance.

• Increased temperature resistance for
use between -30 °C and +50 °C due
to high elasticity of the coating.

• Long-term resistance against most
cleaning and regeneration products
and procedures. The key to the
HAGULITfi coating�s premium quality
lies in the selected epoxy powder as
well as the pre-treatment of the steel

• Minimal oxygen diffusion through the
coating layer.

• Excellent coating adhesion due to
pretreatment by steelblasting.

• No below-coating rust or blistering.

The connector system ZSM (tension proof
push-�t socket) HAGUESTAfi and HAGU-
DOSTAfi minimise the installation time for
screens, casings and riser pipes in well

The amazingly simple connectors for
HAGULITfi-coated and stainless-steel
pipes make the system highly cost effec-
tive. After spigot and socket are �tted to-
gether effortlessly one or two splines have
to be inserted into the box of the socket.
This ensures a mechanically and hydrauli-
cally pressure tight connection. The time-
saving per joint boosts the economical
advantage especially in deep wells.

As an alternative to afore described con-
nection systems our pipes can be �tted
with round thread connectors or �anges
in accordance with DIN standards.

The disassembly of riser pipe columns in
case of pump maintenance is performed
as quickly as the original installation
procedure of the riser pipes.

In addition to sleeve connectors, our riser
pipes can be �tted with threaded connec-
tors or �anges, in accordance with DIN

For special applications,
rubber-coated riser pipes are also

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Stainless steel manhole covers

Chamber cover plate, weather proof
in quadratic form and round design

Dimensions, quadriform (mm) 600 x 600 700 x 700 800 x 800 1000 x 1000
Dimensions, round (Ø mm) 600 700 800 1000

Chamber cover plate, watertight to 1 m water column

Cover made of stainless steel, domed, with heavy-duty external hinges, mech. holding device,
continuous, frost-proof rubber seal trapped in groove and central screwed lever lock. Frame for
casting in concrete with anchors. Price includes operator key.

Standard design, quadriform (mm) 600 x 600 800 x 800 1000 x 1000
Dimensions, round (Ø mm) 600 800 1000

Chamber cover plate, load bearing up to 15 kN – Class A
load bearing up to 125 kN – Class B

Chamber cover plate for at ground level installation. Cover made of stainless steel chequer
plate of appropriate thickness with additional underlying reinforcement, appropriate to load,
self-locking, only unlockable with special key, protection against unauthorised opening, internal
hinges, self-locking holding device only unlockable by hand, gas springs for easy cover ope-
ning by one person.

Extra: Anti-burglar plug-in safety lock. Floor-covering angular frame with fitted rubber seal and
external anchors. Price includes operator key.

Standard size (a x b) Length 600 x 600 800 x 800 1000 x 1000
Inside pass (c x d) Length 565 x 565 765 x 765 965 x 965
External frame dimensions (e x f) Length 810 x 700 1010 x 900 1210 x 1100

D bzw. a x a

e x f

c x d

a x b

ca. 170


Chamber cover plates and frames, welded under protective gas, pickled and passivated.

Installation by treenailing or concreting. Cover made of stainless steel, domed, self-locking.
Stainless steel gas springs for easy opening. Can also be supplied with plug-in safety lock

Burglar-proof version also available. Cover frame and plaster frame are screwed together on
the inside corners so as to prevent unauthorised removal of the cover.

Simultaneous locks can also be supplied.

Custom designs on request

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Stainless steel/reinforced concrete well chambers

Pre-fabricated, reinforced concrete chamber, single section
Water-pressure-tight, buoyancy safe (optional), supplied from factory
with water-tight over-concreted cover plate

• Pump sump with grated cover
• Protective painting on outside
• Quick assembly due to cast-in threaded sleeves
• Y-cover plate with drip flap, weighing approx. 8 t

1500 mm (2000, 2500, 3000 mm) x 2000 mm
Other heights on request

Compact chamber

Weight up to approx. 80.0 t
Length up to 8.0 m
Width up to 5.0 m

Size tailored to

Pre-fabricated, stainless steel chamber, welded under protective gas,
pickled and passivated
With access and construction opening, pressure-water-tight, made buoyancy
safe by customer

• Well head
• Domed top with round chamber cover, without air dome
• Safety ladder
• Entrance support, foldaway or tilting
• Air ventilation pipe ND 150, ending over the chamber floor
• Double-flanged fitting
• Bracket for current distribution board
• Cable glands
• Lifting eyes
• Sloped floor with pump sump

1500 mm (2000, 2500 mm)

Also available as completely pre-assembled units. Other lengths available.
Custom designs on request.

chamber diameter Ø 1500 only one
entrance and assembling opening

coverplate Ø 800

all-around drop shield

WU-concrete B 45

ventilating pipe ND 150
(turned in cutting plane)

core drillinng for
cable on request
core drilling for pressure
pipe on request

buoyancy security


pump sump







safety entrance


ventilating pipe
coverplate Ø 800


chamber diameter Ø 1500 only
one entrance and assembling

cover plate Ø 800 with
ventilation isolated

safety entrance ladder

bracket for contol panel

cable ducts

pump sumpa






coverplate Ø 800

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HAGULIT® properties

Free carbon dioxide (CO2) (mg/l) 1.000

Total salt content (excl. NaCl) (mg/l) 5.000


Sodium (Na+) (mg/l) 20.000

Calcium (Ca++) (mg/l) 1.000

Magnesium (Mg++) (mg/l) 1.000

Calcium (K+) (mg/l) 250


Chloride (Cl) (mg/l) 20.000

Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3) (mg/l) 2.000

Sulphate (SO-4) (mg/l) 2.000

Our products are suitable for wa-
ter showing maximum concentra-
tions of the following substances:


The HAGULITfi coating offers the following
• Excellent adhesion
• High impact resistance
• Screws easily
• No below-coating rust or blistering
• Physiologically safe and chemically
resistant to wide range of agents

Stainless steel products, if properly
treated, will not rust and, depending on
the grade of steel, are also resistant to
substances in the surrounding media. The
�nal treatment of our stainless steel pro-
ducts is either carried out at our facilities
in Renchen, Germany, or by our experi-
enced partners.

At our site, the products are pickled in a
chloride-free process and subsequently
passivated with deionised water. This
system ensures consistent pickling both
for our own manufactured products and
those of our customers. If required, we are
able to pick up the un�nished products
and return them using our own �eet of

Give us a call!

Features of our HAGULIT®
products in brief

• All-round plastic coating in procedure
of �uidised bed coating on steel
• Epoxy powder (Duroplast) with applied
layer thickness of between 0.3 mm
and 0.5 mm
• Well construction screens and casings
up to DN 800
• Installation lengths up to 5 m
• Riser pipes up to DN 300
• Manufacture of adapters, fittings and
well heads
• Max. temperature load 50 °C
• Highly resistant to aggressive media

Pickling of stainless steel products in the
dipping tank

Products are delivered by our lorries

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