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Dilko markası ile üretilen bu kitabın tüm basım ve yayın hakları MOYA MODERN YAYINLAR VE EĞİT. HİZM. TİC.

LTD. ŞTİ.’ye ait olup Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri yasası uyarınca yazılı izin alınmaksızın alıntı yapılamaz, basılamaz,

fotokopi ve sair yollarla kısmen veya tamamen çoğaltılamaz.

Student’s Book 2

Dilko Yayın Kurulu

Görsel ve Kapak Tasarımı
Dilko Grafi k Servis

Baskı Tarihi
Ağustos 2011

Baskı Cilt
Apa Uniprint Basım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

İstanbul Cad. No 159 Ömerli Köyü – Hadımköy / İstanbul

Tel: 0212 798 28 40 pbx Faks: 0212 798 20 63

Moya Modern Yayınlar ve Eğitim Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Eğitim Mah. Poyraz Sk. No 18/A

Hasanpaşa – Kadıköy / İstanbul

Tel: 0216 450 60 30 pbx Faks: 0216 450 60 34

e-mail: [email protected]



Page 8

Vocabulary Grammar Reading

Phrasal verbs: turn, run,
Verbs about superstitions
Word formation

Past Simple vs Past
Defi ning relative clauses

If clause type 1

Contrast sentences

Vocabulary related to

fashion and clothing

Reading about


Reading information

about technology and




Vocabulary related to party
Phrasal verbs: take

Revision of Simple Present

and Present Continuous with

future meaning

Revision of “wh-” questions

May / might for possibility

Would like

Reading about future






Page 9

Grammar bank

Irregular verbs list

Word list

Pronunciation chart


Listening Speaking Writing Project Time

Listening about

horoscopes and


Listening about fashion

Giving personal

information and opinion

about superstitions

Giving information and

opinion about a fashion


Writing about cultural

Preparing a poster

about superstitions

Preparing a poster

about clothes

Writing about fashion

Listening about parties

and future plans

Giving information about

Preparing a card for

an anniversary

Intiving someone

Page 16


Communication Workshop:

Work in pairs. You are a guest to the horoscope

show and your partner is a famous fortune teller.

Selin writes her plans about future. Help her to

describe them.

get a job / get married / learn to drive / go to

university / be famous / learn another language / buy

a house / buy a car / go abroad

You are the guest. Say your sun sign then ask

questions to the fortune teller.

You are the fortune teller. Explain the general

features of your guest’s sun sign then answer his or

her questions.

Talk to your classmates about their sun signs and

their features.

Language Problem Solving:
NEXT TEN YEARSComprehension

PARAGRAPH 1 : Write what you want to do in the next
ten years.

PARAGRAPH 2 : Write your predictions about the next
ten years. Use the phrases in the box.

PARAGRAPH 3 : Write how many of your wishes can
become true in the next fi ve years.

E 11

Answer the questions below.

1. Do you have a Facebook profi le? How often do

you use it?

2. What are your hopes about your future?

3. What kind of a relationship between future and

Facebook can be in this text?

While You Read

Before You Read

Read the texts below.

1. What does “there” refer in line 2? ____________
2. What does “it” refer in line 6? ____________
3. What does “it” refer in line 12? ____________
4. What does “them” refer in line 16? ____________
5. What does “it” refer in line 18? ____________
6. What does “me” refer in line 26? ____________

1. ______ will work in a part-time job in a law offi ce.

2. ______ thinks that education is the most important.

3. ______ will work as an assistant scientist in a

technology centre.

4. ______ hopes he will study Public Relations and


5. ______ will study in the Law Faculty of İstanbul


6. ______ will work in a media agency and will spend

more time for his hobbies.

1. Complete the sentences below.

2. Who are they in the sentences below according to
the text?

Now I’m the last one to tell about future Facebook profi le: (Alfonso)

I will return to my hometown, to Madrid, Spain. I will continue my
university education in Madrid University. So my “current city” will not
be Istanbul, it will be Madrid. I hope I will study Public Relations and
Advertising. I will add Turkey as my second hometown on my Facebook
profi le. I will visit Turkey regularly and I will share our photos with my
Turkish friends on Facebook. I will never forget my days in Turkey. I will work
in a media agency and will spend more time for my hobbies. I will make a list
of my favourite books and movies on my profi le. I suppose I will be single.
I will learn Japanese and my languages section will say: “Spanish, Turkish,
English and Japanese”. My Facebook profi le will help me to keep in touch
with my Turkish friends.

And it’s my turn! Check my future Facebook profi le out: (Murat)

I also think that education is the most important thing. I hope I will
study in the Electrical Engineering Department of METU. I will conduct many
experiments. I will share many photos of my laboratory and experiments on
Facebook. I will live in Ankara so my “current city” will be Ankara. I really love
it. I will spend my leisure time with my hobbies such as playing chess and
going to concerts. I will have many photos with my friends on my Facebook
profi le. I will work as an assistant scientist in a technology centre. I think I
will be single. It sounds great! I hope I will have them all!

Here’s my future Facebook profi le: (Mert)

First I want to start with education. I believe I will study in the Law
Faculty of Istanbul University. It will be hard to study there. I will live in
İstanbul so my“current city” will be İstanbul. I will work in a part-time job
in a law offi ce, so “current work” will be“assistant lawyer”. I will be single, I
won’t get married in the next ten years. Then, there is “languages” section.
I will learn two more languages so it will say “Turkish, English, Spanish and
German”. I will upload my photos of the campus and my offi ce. I think I will
have a lovely Facebook profi le!






Page 17


I can explain my hopes for
the future.
I can make predictions
about the future.
I can talk about horoscopes.
I can make promises for
the future.
I can write about my plans
in the future.
I can understand other
people’s hopes and plans for
the future.

English for Life Learning Diary

Imagine you are a web site designer and this is

your favourite online shopping website’s home


Find photos or draw pictures of your objects

on the web site. They can be clothes, animals,

furniture etc...

Write the features and prices of these objects

under the pictures.

Prepare a small questionnarie about the

future of shopping for your website. You can

ask this kind of questions:

- Will shopping on the Internet become more


- Will shopping malls disappear?

- What about traditional shops?

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