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Copyright Page
The Story So Far
The ‘M’ factor
Mumbai Rains
A Splashful Day
Hooked and Booked
Double Delight
Jab they Met her Parents
Mesmerizing Manali
Seeking Approval
A Few Things Left Unsaid
A Secret Marriage
A Twist in the Tale
The Saviour
Can’t Let Go of You
A Decision is Made
It’s the Season of Love
Wedding Bells are Ringing
Unrequited Promises
Love is a Losing Game
An Undelivered Message
A Note on the Author
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Page 58

Riya while Sonam was still in the temple premises.
We spent some time clicking photographs and seeing the surrounding places. At eleven in the

morning, we started our journey to Manali. We halted at a local dhaba where we gorged on some
delicious North Indian food.

‘I need a smoke,’ I announced to the others and excused myself from the group. It was a trick so
that I could visit the local gift shop without anybody taking notice. I had to purchase something for
Riya as I wanted our night to be a special one.

Riya told me to get back at the earliest as we were getting late and wanted to reach our next
destination on time.

Rohtang pass was our next stop. The driver told us that it’s the same place where the famous
song from was shot. Mohit asked us if we could allow him to smoke in the car. Riya and
Sonam gave us a tough look and refused, saying boundaries had to be set somewhere. We consented
to their request, or shall I say, order. The freezing winds made us grip each other tightly and we
didn’t even bother what the driver would think. The road was getting bumpier by the minute.

I could not speak due to the freezing weather. The view was gorgeous. At some places, the snow
was almost 6 to 8 feet high on both sides of the road. We stopped at a stall which served Maggi.

‘Hot Maggi tastes best in cold weather. Even though I am not too much of a Maggi fan, this is
just fabulous,’ said Mohit.

We agreed in unison. After devouring the plate of Maggi and a simmering hot cup of tea, our
vehicle inched its way up the hill. Suddenly, the driver pulled the brakes and stopped abruptly. We
saw that in front of us heavy snowfall had covered the road, leading to a dead end. The driver turned
to us.

‘Look, it is very dangerous to drive ahead from this point onwards. You have to get out and walk.
If I drive any further, it can lead to a complete breakdown of the vehicle which can further add to
our problems,’ he cautioned us.

With no choice left, we got down and clicked a few pictures. We went near the valley and
embraced the breathtaking views while having chocolate and biscuits that we were carrying with us.
It was very cold and the breeze was biting! We had worn layers of clothing, insulated jackets, even
woollen gloves and caps. A pure white sheet of snow had engulfed the entire region. Looking at
snowfall while your love is in your arms can’t be expressed in words. I was speechless.

Mohit and Sonam went walking a bit further while we chose to stay back and wait.
‘What are you thinking?’ Riya asked me.
‘I was thinking of returning to this place after our marriage. We’ll take the Honeymoon Package.

I want to spend time at this place with you by my side,’ I said holding her hands.
‘I am waiting for that day too,’ she said. I had planned something elaborate for the night and

hoped that Mohit had kept my little secret to himself.
I was just getting my thoughts together when I heard Sonam’s voice call out to me.
‘What are your plans for tonight?’ said Sonam winking at me. Both had returned from their

short walk.
I looked towards Mohit with an accusatory glance and he signalled swearing he hadn’t told her a

thing. I wanted to make my night really special for Riya.
It was getting darker, so we decided to head back home and asked the driver to take us back.

Page 59

That marked the end of day two’s sightseeing.
We returned to the Mall road. The driver gave us a lowdown on the next day’s plan and left

saying that he would be waiting for us outside our hotel on time. Sonam and Riya went back to the
hotel while Mohit and I went on a small shopping trip to procure gifts for the girls to make our
night more memorable.

I saw a shop which carved names on wooden designs. I asked the staff member to carve Riya’s
name along with mine on a decorative wooden key ring. Since the girls weren’t around, we smoked a
couple of cigarettes, after which we returned to our resort.

It was around 7 pm in the evening when we got back to the hotel. The temperature seemed like
it had fallen to a chilling minus 2 degrees Celsius. I went to the reception and requested them to
send an extra heater in both our rooms.

Riya and Sonam were busy nibbling popcorn and watching TV in Mohit’s room. I asked him to
keep them engrossed while I managed to arrange everything in our room for a perfect evening with

‘Aadi, where were you? I am so hungry,’ exclaimed Riya.
‘We will soon have dinner. First, I want you to take a look at this.’ I held out my palm and placed

a big gift box on it. She looked at Mohit and Sonam to enquire if they were aware of what the gift
was. Both reacted as if they didn’t know a thing.

She opened the box to find a perfect outfit for the night. I had bought a short black dress for her.
Mohit gave me a wicked look that said,

Riya was surprised to see the gift as she had least expected it. She jumped off the bed and
hugged me. I told her to wear it. Mohit and Sonam realized that we wanted to be left alone, so they
made up a silly excuse of going down to the hotel restaurant for a quick bite even though I knew
their stomach was full.

‘It’s a bit chilly outside, so why don’t you take this bottle of rum with you for company?’ I told
Mohit as he was leaving.

Mohit winked at me, as if to wish me good luck, and departed with Sonam.
I went into our room while Riya changed into her new outfit.
‘I am in our room. The door is locked. Just knock when you are ready,’ I said and left.
After a few minutes, there was a faint knock on the door. I opened it to see Riya standing outside

nervously, waiting for my reaction. She looked like a complete bombshell in the dress I had gifted
her. It fitted her perfectly, I was speechless. I looked at her from head to toe. She had kept her hair
open and they fell loosely on her shoulders. Her black eyeliner highlighted her already pretty eyes.
Her glossy lips added colour to her face. She hadn’t worn any accessories, which I was glad about, as
it would then seem overdone. The dress was a black satin-netted one piece that just about covered
her thighs. It had a deep back and a spaghetti strap knot on both sides. My heart skipped a beat. I
felt like I had fallen in love with her all over again.

‘Why does it feel like the most beautiful girl in the world is with me here in this room?’ I smiled
and held her hands, leading her into our room.

The main lights had been switched off and replaced by dimmer yellow lights. The room was lit
up with decorative candles on the dining table. The trolley beside it had a bottle of Champagne kept
in an ice bucket. The trolley was covered with rose petals. The petals had also been sprinkled on the

Page 115



irst, let me thank the masses of India who turned my first novel, (2011),
into a bestseller within three months of its release. This acknowledgement itself would not have

been written if it were not for the love of these people. I owe my success to them.
Thank you, my readers, for all the support. You all mean a lot to me. (But only those who liked

I had thanked a few people in my first book and would like to thank them again just because

they did nothing! These include Rohan, Clera, Pratiksha, Tushar, Viraj, and Suhas Sonawane. The
last time I thanked them (which was in my previous book), the book worked.

Also a big thank you to Saurabh, Amit, Mrunmayee, Sunita, Mom, Dad, and my sister, Shweta
Nagarkar, for their humble support through it all, even when I used to get hyper at times. I love you

Thank you to my grandparents, Divakar Palimkar and Sulbha Palimkar, for your constant

I would also like to make a few special mentions: Shalini for being the warmest reader, Diksha for
the sweet girl in her, Ananya Kapoor and Karan Bajaj for their support, Prashant and Zankrut for all
the promotions, and Abhinay, Shruti, Ananya, Kasturi, Roshni, Nidhi, Nikita, Snehanka, and
Nithesh for being so loyal to me throughout my journey.

Thanks to all my loyal Facebook fans for your constant support and feedback.
I would like to thank the electronic media and print media who extended support to my work

through their network. Special thanks to RJ Jeeturaaj and the entire Radio Mirchi team in Mumbai
for all their love. I would also like to thank Prakash Bal Joshi and Soumitra Pote for the first ever
article on me in print media. I am overwhelmed by their support.

How can I forget to thank that one special person without which the book would not have been
written in the first place? Many thanks, my love, for giving me the strength I need and for making
me believe that I can achieve anything. I don’t know if we will ever cross paths in the future, but for
now, I just want to thank you for all the love through the years we were together and for all the
memories that were born out of it.

Thank you also to all the editors and the publicity team at Random House India for keeping
faith in me and for all the patience and love. They were with me whenever I needed (which was once
in every few hours).

Lastly, thanks to Milee Ashwarya and Gurveen Chadha from Random House India for putting
up with all my crazy antics. You both rock!

I am extremely sorry if I have missed a few names, but each and every one of you holds a special
place in my heart.

Page 116


A Note on the Author

udeep Nagarkar is the bestselling author of Few Things Left Unsaid.
He has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai. His books are inspired from real-

life incidents. He never dreamed of becoming an author, but turned into one for his love. Apart
from writing, Sudeep is a music enthusiast and loves to spend time with his friends. He resides in

Connect with Sudeep on, email him at
[email protected], or visit his website,, to know more.

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