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Psychic & Psychosomatic Disorders

Treatment :

Color Therapy

Line No. 1 Point No. 2 – Red

Line No. 3 Point No. 5 – Red

Line No. 2 Point No. 2 – Red
Mid Line of Thumb (YANG Side) Point No. 2 - Red

Magnet Therapy

Bar Magnet (Nail Side) Line No. 1 – Yellow
Bar Magnet (Nail Side) Line No. 4 – White

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Meta Physical Aspect

Sudden attack of sadness due to lack of achievement. Mostly occurs in case with
excessive yang Dryness energy.


Treatment : For apply (rubb) sujok ring in portion of thumb between distal joint & nail for
1 min. thrice a day

Magnet Therapy :Bar Magnet (Nail Side) Line No. 5 – White

Meta Physical Aspect : Anger or frustration when suppressed within one selb might
invite migraine Extended hyper activity (mental & Physical) when relaxed may also can
be its prominent cause.

Treatment :

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Color Therapy

Line no. 10 - Point no. 4 - Green
Line no. 11 - Point no. 3 - Green
Line no. 8 - Point no. 3 - Green
Line no. 8 - Point no. 4 - Green

Meta Physical Aspects :

Lack of satifaction : Seek satisfaction through eating.
Excessive possessiveness along with sincere personality.
Highly ambitious with dominant emotion of BOAST.


Treatment :

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Color Therapy

Line no. 5 - Yellow coloured band starting from lower surface of nail to base of finger.

Meta Physical Aspect

Hyper ness in one's mental/physical attitude, reflecting as severe Anger. Such patients
may also be suffering from severe headaches/intollerance towards Nuissance, etc.

Treatment :

Color Therapy

Red Colour over correspondance areas of Ears on both sides of YIN-YANG Border in
First Phalange of Thumb.

Magnet Therapy

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Each of these energies is further bifurcated into positive and negative (yin & yang). e.g.
Yin-wind & Yang-wind and so on. Each of the respective energy problems can be
further diagnosed into acute and chronic and thereby can be treated with Yin-wind or
Yang-wind. So a general outline of this energy circulation in our body is necessary to
treat any problem from its root.

Following chart represents the relation of each energy with various body

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Now, after studying this energy fundamentals in detail, you would be sure that any
problem in nature can be treated by harmonizing energy balance theoretically.

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