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expenditure upto 50% will be condoned by the Cabinet Secretary on the
recommendations of the concerned PAO. Cases for condonation excess
expenditure beyond 50% will be submitted to the Prime Minister with full
justification. Instructions issued vide this Division’s O.M No.2/8/2003-GC dated

March, 2007 shall stand modified.

v) Only postpaid billing would be admissible for use of mobile telephone.

vi) The facility allowed to the Officers in BS-20 and below will also be subject to the

condition that the officers will arrange the equipment (Mobile Phone Set) at their

vii) The officers will be allowed to have connection of any mobile company.
viii) Other guidelines as contained in Cabinet Division’s letter No. F.5/2/2004-GC

dated 11

April, 2005 (copy enclosed) will be followed.

In continuation of Cabinet Division’s D.O. letter No.F 5/2/2004-GC dated 11

April, 2005, following instructions issued vide letter No. 2/8/2003-GC dated 17

March, 2007, are given as under :-

i. The mobile sets which do not function properly after a period of three
years of continuous use can be replaced on the written request of
concerned officer(s). Further disposal, sale, purchase of components etc.
of these mobile sets shall be dealt with as per electronic machinery and
equipments in the Ministries/Divisions/Departments etc.

ii. The distinction between “official” and “private” calls has been done away

with as long as the officer/user remains within the permissible ceiling
allowed to him/her by the Federal Government.

10) Clarification Regarding Revised Mobile Phone

Facility (BS-17 to 20 officers)
(No.2/26/2005-RA-IV dated 11

June, 2009 refers)

Clarification regarding Revision on Use of Mobile Phone Facility are given as
under :-

Sl.No. Queries Clarifications

1 Whether connection, activation and

security deposit charges may be met

from with-in the approved budget of

the Ministry/Division or by the officer


The expenditure on activation/connection

charges, security deposit may be met from

with-in the approved budget of the

Ministries/Divisions with the approval of the

Principal Accounting Officer/s. However, it

is advised in the national interest that

Ministries/Divisions may make proper

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iii. As per Policy, officers proceeding on LPR are not allowed to retain the
official residential telephone. The facility is disconnected from the day of
commencement of LPR. However, in special situation relaxation is
recommended for retention of residential telephone for four months by
the widow of a deceased entitled officer (O.M No. 3/9/STC/2006-GC
dated 31

May, 2006 refers).

iv. As per policy if an official who has been deputed for training, irrespective

of the length of training, he is supposed to be on duty and therefore,
eligible to an official telephone at his residence, “Cetris Paribus”.

v. Entitled officers proceeding on leave not exceeding 4 months are

allowed to retain residential telephone at government expense and on
payment of monthly rent and other expenses if the leave exceeds 4
months (O.M No. 1/1/81/Gen.Coord dated 25

January, 1981 refers).

vi. Officers/officials (BS-14-16) (Assistant/Superintendents etc) who are

performing duties on current charge basis in their own pay scale against
the posts of Assistant Directors/Section Officers etc. BS-17 are not
entitled for residential telephone policy. Telephone Committee clarified
that only regular officers of BS-17 and above working in the
Ministries/Divisions are entitled for residential telephone on official
account (O.M No. 3/13/2008 dated 7

Nov, 2008 refers).

vii. Instructions for conversion of residential telephone provided on
Government expense from public to private account are as under:-

Principal Accounting Officer i.e. Secretary or Additional Secretary
Incharge, will exercise Prowers to allow the conversion of
government residential phones (Non-STD or STD only) from public to
private Account. On receipt of any written request from the
government servant or from the widow of a deceased servant who
while in service were availing an official telephone facility at
residence, it should be examined in the Ministry/Division concerned,
keeping in view the following guidelines:-

a. Officers proceeding on retirement either on completion of 25 years

service or on superannuation, may be permitted this conversion,
provided they have no private telephone installed at their

b. Armed Forces Officers re-employed in civil shall be allowed this
facility, provided they have not availed it from the armed forces on

c. Officers employed on contract shall not be entitled to this
conversion facility.

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