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For whom is a game designed?
A game may satisfy the designer, the publisher, or the gamer. The best games satisfy

all, the worst only one. THE FANTASY TRIP game system satisfies all three with its
inexpensive format because:

1. it allows all the designer's material to be published,
2. the publisher is assured a fast-selling product,
3. the gamer gets a bargain fantasy role-playing game system.

What you don't get is a box of expensive, marginally useful components.

The booklet modules don't provide playing pieces. Examples in some modules show
playing pieces from THE FANTASY TRIP: MELEE and WIZARD. They aren't strictly
necessary. You can use chess pieces, beads, or other small objects just as well. You may
wish to buy, or may already own, some of the metal miniatures sold for this purpose.
The choice is yours.

All necessary forms and map blanks are included. You may photocopy these for your
personal use. In some cases, you may wish to use scratch paper instead. Again, the
choice is yours. All you buy is the necessary minimum.

THE FANTASY TRIP is the best fantasy role-playing game system published yet. We
decided to make it inexpensive because we wanted more people to be able to play it.
There are lots of ways to spend your gaming dollar. THE FANTASY TRIP requires only
the necessary minimum and leaves you maximum choice. That's best for the designer,
the publisher, and you.


Howard Thompson

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is killing monsters, finding treasure, braving danger, joining quests, conjuring
magic, and exploring the unknown — the romance and mystery life should be.
THE FANTASY TRIP frees your imagination for an evening of fun and adven-
ture. It's the role-playing game for the 80's - the one you've waited for.

Rules are well structured, logically related, and easy to learn. Designed as a
series of inexpensive, regularly published rules modules, THE FANTASY TRIP
will stay exciting for years. This is the new standard in role-playing, the next
generation in the evolution of the genre.

IN THE LABYRINTH is the first Game Master's module. It lets you create
worlds and guide characters on adventures. Included are Hero Talents and copi-
able play aids. You will need MicroGame No. 3 - THE FANTASY TRIP:
MELEE and MicroGame No. 6 - THE FANTASY TRIP: WIZARD, or the ex-
TASY TRIP: ADVANCED WIZARD for playing magic and combat.

ADVANCED MELEE expands MELEE's basic combat system. New material
includes aiming, aerial combat, water combat, critical hits mounts and some new
options. If you want more reality and rules for new situations, this is for you.

ADVANCED WIZARD expands WIZARD'S basic magic system into a com-
plete guide to adventure magic. New material include a series of higher IQ spells,
alchemy, and magic items. This greatly expanded module is just the thing for
masters of the wizardly arts.

TOLLENKAR'S LAIR is a ready-to-play labyrinth. Game Master's are pro-
vided with maps, mapping notes, background, and instructions necessary for a
series of adventures. IN THE LABYRINTH and a combat and magic module
are necessary for play. DON'T SPOIL your fun by buying this unless you want
to be a Game Master.

MICROGAMES modules are MELEE - MicroGame No. 3, covering man-to-
man combat with archaic and fantasy weapons, and WIZARD - MicroGame No.
6, covering magical spells and combat. Both can be played as stand-alone games.

MICROQUESTS are programmed adventures for solitaire play or for use by
Game Masters as small labyrinths. You will need a magic and/or combat module
for play. DEATH TEST is currently available with DEATH TEST 2 and GRAIL-
QUEST to be released soon.



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